During these uncertain times, people from all over the world are united in the way they get to experience life. We are limited to the view from the window and lots of hours spent on the internet. Fair enough, some of us are still luckier than others even if we share the same set of tools to stay sane while trapped inside. The lucky ones are those who are able to play video games during their quarantine. No, seriously. The World Health Organization launched the #PlayApartTogether campaign to encourage you to stay home and observe the current situation «through the lens of joy, purpose, and meaning». Still not convinced? Go check a tweet of Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the WHO.

Blockchain gaming has a lot to offer so you could turn your quarantine experience into a fun adventure. Not only does blockchain gaming bring joy and money but it also addresses your need for leisure activities like visiting galleries, exhibitions etc. The cryptocollectible game Blockchain Cuties Universe set an example of a new form of digital art, established within the framework of blockchain technology. The characters in the game appropriately named Cuties are both real artworks and gaming assets. So with all that being said, Blockchain Cuties Universe invites you to join for Season III aka the Blockchain Cuties Easter event so you can spend the best month of your locked up life.

Buildable Easter wallpaper of your choice

Now let’s have a little mediative introduction. Blockchain Cuties Easter is a really special time in the game when players get to experience a full-on spring miracle by using a buildable Easter wallpaper of their choice. They just need to apply Easter wallpaper on a favorite noble Cutie to turn its background into a spring fairytale.  

The secret is to do this repeatedly as new colors and details appear each time you apply them.

Dare to discover Planes of Rebirth 

Cutieland is an exciting world yet it's not perfect. It’s haunted by the evil spirits of winter which won’t easily give up. Players need to send their best warriors to chase away Winter Wolf, High Winter Wolf, Ice Giant and the most dangerous of all – Old Man Winter. Only then Cuties will be able to greet spring and see the sun again.

They won’t make it on their own since their enemies are scary and ruthless warriors with hearts as cold as ice. That’s why a new pet kind has entered Cutieland – meet the Rabbits. Brave allies are already in the game to help other little heroes defend their land.

The spirits of winter can be challenged in Planes of Rebirth which is a new adventure in the game. The enemies of spring live there and they will attack those who dare to enter. You might find it shocking to find out that the winter spirits are evil but not entirely mean. That means that they could pay their respect by giving out their treasures to brave Cuties who manage to impress them with arming as well as decent warcraft.

Easter gifts 

Season III aka Blockchain Cuties Easter has started a while ago. Many Cuties have sent their troops to fight against the main enemy of Cutieland which is Old Man Winter. As a reward for their bravery, they have received colorful Easter baskets. However, they couldn’t yet open them since these loot boxes are Easter gifts. Players needed to wait till the 10th of April, the first day of Easter or the 19th of April if they are into Orthodox Easter.

Cutieneers received just 2 types of festive baskets depending on their path in the game and whether it’s premium or free:

  1. Basic Easter basket is available for all players! It contains all kinds of useful and fun things to enjoy your experience in Blockchain Cuties Universe.

  2. Season basket — only available for players who bought a pass for Season III. All owners of a season pass will receive 3 times more prizes as well as many exclusive rewards. Everyone can switch to premium during the Easter event which will last for one more month.

Spring simulation in Blockchain Cuties Universe

And to conclude, people are offered so many ways to spend time in quarantine and it’s definitely hard to choose in this diversity. Blockchain Cuties Universe worked hard to make this Easter event interesting and entertaining for any player with or without blockchain gaming experience. Like all of us, Cuties must battle adversity to earn their blossoming spring. Don’t miss Blockchain Cuites Easter magic!