Blockchain Cuties Universe, one of the pioneers of the blockchain gaming industry, just launched its sixth season event. The season is a part of the game’s event series that is regularly offering its community new ways to earn while engaging in a new fun gaming experience.

The action of the event takes place in the dystopian futuristic lands of the Tron empire, where gangs and corporations are fighting a never-ending war on the neon-lit streets. 

Something has recently shifted the balance of power and the city started to descend into ever more violence and chaos. Cuties, the adorable heroes of the game, have a new mission to investigate and bring an end to this downward spiral before it’s too late to save the city from collapsing on itself.

Blockchain Cuties Universe’s previous seasons are famous for an ever-increasing amount of new in-game content and new earning opportunities for the participants. 

As in its previous events, the game offers a lot to explore for free and even more when one purchases a season pass. Both free and paid access offers a lot of new in-game activities and earning opportunities.

The brand new season of Blockchain Cuties Universe takes the following play-to-earn mechanics to the next level in terms of both quality of gameplay and trading potential:

  • Players can invest their time to craft and sell in-game items.

  • Players can claim and sell nonfungible tokens that they get as rewards for reaching event milestones.

  • Players can trade the season’s in-game resources that they get while playing.

  • Players can discover rare crafting recipes and take advantage of being the only one able to create and sell the resulting items.

While season six has some pay-to-play content, it is in no way a pay-to-win event. Success in-game and in the market depends on the player’s strategy and the effort invested in the game. 

Historically, the game’s seasons have brought a lot of opportunities to the game’s vast player community and the latest season won’t be an exception.

The season will last until late November 2021. Once the event is over, all of the limited-edition NFTs and in-game items players managed to gain will become even more valuable because of their rarity. The end of the season will open many new market opportunities since the secondary market will become the only place where this season’s items, NFTs and resources are available.

More information about the event is available on the official website.