April 2019 will be looked back upon as a crucial month for blockchain gaming as the first multi-blockchain crypto-collectible game, Blockchain Cuties Universe, has finally launched its own CUTE token. The official listing is expected to take place on the 27th of April, 2019, on the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC.

April 2019 will be looked back upon as a crucial month for blockchain gaming as the first multi-blockchain crypto-collectible game

The full potential of Dapps has yet to be discovered but all of us involved in crypto gaming know that we are on the brink of something big with the emergence of gaming tokens backed by the value of an entertaining product. 2018 proved that cryptogaming can be a reliable means of furthering mass adoption the day TRON Arcade was officially launched. Dapps bring plenty of joy and crypto games have figured out a way of encapsulating that joy in an engaging format. And for players that know the ropes, crypto gaming has even become a way of making a secondary income. Because of what has been accomplished in such a short time and the great potential that this industry has, it's no wonder that major exchanges have begun making room for new game-related tokens like CUTE.

The CEO of Blockchain Cuties, Vlad Tomko, said regarding the listing, “We've been waiting for the right moment to launch our gaming Token and we are thrilled to say that the moment has arrived. At this point in time, our game has a decent user base and we believe that the CUTE token is truly ready to assume a central position in the emerging makeup of gaming Dapps' tokens. Our CUTE token will be unveiled on HitBTC, and we are beyond proud of that. In life first impressions can be everything, so finding the right place to debut was of utmost importance and HitBTC is everything we could have asked for in that regard.” CUTE tokens will also be introduced into gameplay but as of know the specifics of how that will work is still not revealed.

HitBTC is among the premier crypto exchanges on the planet, offering traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms. HitBTC trading volumes are constantly growing as well as its liquidity which results in the decrease of seller and buyer rates.

Blockchain Cuties Universe and HitBTC will also reward the smartest and most active users of CUTE tokens. But more on that later. For now just worry about getting your hands on some CUTE tokens to see what happens next. Trading pairs for CUTE/BTC, CUTE/ETH, CUTE/USDT and CUTE/EOS will be available on the 26th of April, 2019.