Cube, a blockchain entertainment platform in the metaverse, has formed several strategic partnerships per its carefully designed roadmap.

Cube bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds with a blockchain network and backs Metaverse World, the parent pioneer in the GameFi industry. The Cube ecosystem is powered by its PC Launcher, Wallet and Cube (ITAMCUBE) token services.


For added network utility, Cube has partnered with various industry leaders:

  • Webtoons: Redice Studio and Kidari Studio

  • Web3: Hyperithm, AhnLab, Koda, Krust Universe, Haechi Labs and Kaura

  • Innovation: Megabox, Musicow, Kica, Unity Technologies and The Camp

  • Game: BluePotion, Flint, Floppy Games, Oasis VR, Supercat, Stand Company and 0x&

  • Entertainment: Studio Lululala, H& Entertainment, Sublime, Chorokbaem Media, Taleone, Encast, Ace Factory, Taewon Entertainment and D-Origin

  • Crypto: Binance, Coinone, KuCoin,, MEXC Exchange and

  • Commerce: BY4M and NextPlayer.

Every partnership includes:

  • Addition of contents on the PC Launcher and mobile app services

  • A nonfungible token (NFT) store for users to purchase NFT assets

  • An NFT marketplace for users to freely trade assets available on Cube

  • An e-commerce service for users to buy real products using tokens

  • Token financial services for game- and ecosystem-related services

  • A token exchange for users to convert in-game commodities into Cube Network (CUBE) tokens

  • Cube Chain as a framework for building and maintaining the Cube ecosystem

  • The CUBE token as the native token for paying transaction fees and nodes.

Cube is committed to shaping the future of blockchain, the metaverse and advanced technology. The project focuses on user experience and innovation to transform the industry and yield more value for users.

About Cube

Cube is a disruptive blockchain-powered entertainment platform for the metaverse. It plans to steadily expand its entertainment content — in addition to games — for its global audience. Users can enjoy a rich range of content and an engaged community.

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