Ecio is launching the highly anticipated alpha version of its game, which will be available to the public on April 20. The launch will include play-to-earn (P2E) functionality, starting with Mission mode — the first of several game modes. 

Launch phases

The alpha version of Ecio will be available on web browsers on Windows, MacOS and Linux. In the player-versus-environment Mission mode, players will have to battle their way through 12 stages filled with increasingly difficult enemies, with more stages being added in later updates. Space Warriors, in the form of purchasable nonfungible tokens (NFTs), can be upgraded to accommodate the need for more strength and special powers while progressing through the game.

In upcoming weeks, new game modes, such as Boss Hunter and Survival, will be added to the alpha, giving players a variety of choices where they can earn in-game token rewards and NFTs. 

  • Mission mode: Players have to explore different planets while encountering enemies and boss-level opponents, with LAKRIMA and experience points as rewards.
  • Boss Hunter mode: To achieve victory, players have to beat waves of enemies, followed by extremely powerful rivals or bosses. The rewards include ECIO and NFT fragments. The difficulty level of this mode requires players to upgrade their Space Warriors to reach higher skill levels.
  • Survival mode: True to its name, Survival requires players to fight for their lives — quite literally. The longer players survive, the stronger the enemies they face. Hold the top survival duration in the ranking board for rewards. 

Token utility 

Both ECIO and LAKRIMA are tokens in Ecio’s ecosystem. Each can be earned as in-game rewards and be used for a variety of functions: 

  • Staking: ECIO can be staked in staking pools with an APR ranging from 100 to 200%.
  • Upgrading: To progress in the game, NFTs can be crafted, upgraded and re-rolled, enhancing players’ strategies. 
  • Minting NFTs: Both tokens can be used to mint new Space Warriors and NFT fragments.

All tokens used in upgrading & minting functions will be burned. 

Game functions

The gameplay of Ecio is accessible for everyone who owns at least one Space Warrior NFT. To be competitive in the game and earn increased rewards, upgrading Space Warriors will be mandatory. There are endless ways players can improve Space Warriors and adjust their strategies. 

All tokens are burned after a successful mint has been completed or a forge has been initiated: 

  • Experimental Cloning Pod: Here, players can mint new Space Warriors, which will be dropped with Common, Rare, Epic or Limited rarity levels. Cloning fees are charged in ECIO. 
  • Holographic Replicator: Here, players can mint weapons or suit fragments. These assets can be used to forge new parts for NFTs, changing or improving their strengths and making them more suitable for a battle approach. Cloning fees are charged in LAKRIMA. 
  • Battle Lab: Body parts are used to forge new parts for Space Warriors. At launch, players will be able to forge weapon and suit parts, with three more parts being unlocked in future updates. NFT fragments can be acquired in the Holographic Replicator, purchased on Ecio’s native marketplace or as rewards for defeating in-game bosses. The Battle Lab forges parts for selected Space Warriors until players are satisfied with the upgrades. Forging fees are charged in ECIO, LAKRIMA and gas fees. 

About Ecio 

Ecio, a blockchain game built on BNB Smart Chain, is a space-battle strategy game centered around building a unique space crew and conquering the Ecioverse. This universe will be filled with exciting gameplay, profound storylines and engaging strategies, built by a dedicated team of designers, storytellers and creators. There are several P2E game modes, including single-player, player-versus-player, cooperative play, guild wars and land customization. Rewards are given in the project’s native tokens, ECIO and LAKRIMA, complete NFTs and NFT fragments. NFT collections can be upgraded and combined to reinforce players’ crews with increasingly powerful warriors.

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