DarleyGo, a blockchain-based online horse racing game, has completed its initial decentralized exchange offering (IDO) and raised nearly $1.6 million for its DGE token. 

The game operates a dual-token model with its governance token, DGE, and a token for in-game transactions, GXE. 

DarleyGo is deployed on the Solana blockchain, and despite a congested and unsatisfied crypto market, the IDO was a huge success.

More details about the IDO 

The success of DarleyGo’s IDO is due to the team and community’s participation. Raising nearly $1.6 million is not easy, especially with current crypto market conditions. 

The IDO has drawn the attention of several curious investors. Now, the team is focused on the next phase of its roadmap.

DarleyGo’s dual-token system

The project deploys two different tokens in its ecosystem, each serving a designated purpose for the platform’s development. 

DGE is live on the Raydium platform for trading and used for staking, voting, breeding and special rewards. 

Gamers use GXE to perform transactions in the DarleyGo universe for racing rewards, in-game nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and breeding. 

About DarleyGo 

DarleyGo is the first blockchain-powered NFT horse racing platform built on Solana and lets players buy, race, collect and breed NFT horses. 

The game combines the thrilling effect of horse racing with imaginative experiences to craft an engaging and fast-paced game, offering new adventures while earning in-game tokens. 

DarleyGo incorporates unique platform features such as gameplay modes, ability badges and more. Players receive rewards as incentives while enjoying real-time horse racing games.

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