Blockchain Startup Contest - Call für Applications

The Blockchainhub Graz and industry partners initiated a Blockchain Startup Contest. 15.000 € in prize money will be given away within two categories, software and hardware startups. The application is still open until October 31, 2016.

The entry requirements are quite low: every startup or idea that are not older than 2 years since the last pivot are allowed. And the concept does not necessarily have to use Blockchain technology, but you should enrich the ecosystem of decentralized technologies, e.g. by improving the robustness of the network (e.g. Parity while DDoS attack on Geth), or by using existing platforms to build on top of it (e.g. IOTA for IoT solutions). Also making todays platforms more decentralized (e.g. Bitsquare a decentralized Bitcoin exchange) or creating new networks which are independ