Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios are excited to announce their meetup, Init(Metaverse): DeFi Bytes, slated for April 22, 2022, from 5:00 pm IST at the Airmeet venue. DeFi Bytes is a part of their six-month-long conference dubbed “Initialize Metaverse.”

DeFi Bytes will explore the hottest trend in the industry — decentralized finance — and areas in which one can grab opportunities. With leading voices contributing from across the world, the meetup serves as a grassroots platform for champions wanting to delve into the world of DeFi. 

The event brings an unparalleled group of DeFi innovators and change-makers who will share their stories about the next era of global finance. DeFi Bytes is the place to be for all those wanting to get into the nitty-gritty of DeFi. 

DeFi Bytes will start with a keynote address on “the importance of governance tokens in DeFi.”

This will be followed by a panel discussion on “Borderless finance: DeFi for the rest of the world,” for which the speakers are:

  • Tejas Chitnis, co-founder and CEO of Cryption Network
  • Sameep Singhania, co-founder of QuickSwap
  • Siddharth Patil, co-founder and chief operating officer of Comdex
  • Zhulin Chen, co-founder and CEO of RockX

The panel will be hosted by Raghav “Crypto Guy” Behl. 

This will be followed by a second panel discussion on “Why DeFi is a viable alternative to TradeFi.” The speakers for this session are:

  • Sanat Kanpur, investment analyst at Spartan Group
  • Amitej Gajjala, founder and CEO of Stader Labs
  • Venkatesh Karanalu, co-founder and CEO of Pontoon Finance
  • Aanchal Thakur, co-founder and CEO of Spherium Finance

The panel will be hosted by Sameer Malik, partner at Chain Assets Capital. RSVPs can be made now on the site

What is Initialize Metaverse?

Initialize Metaverse is a six-month virtual conference organized by Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios in collaboration with Terra Luna and Draper Dragon Fund, with Polygon as an ecosystem partner. 

Initialize Metaverse ingeniously explores the evolution of existing fields of work in DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, identity and GameFi, focusing on their contribution to the Metaverse. It aims to locate the best startups and products on the global Metaverse map.