Blockpour, a multi-chain data aggregation and analytics platform, announced its seed round funding on Wednesday, June 8. The round included participation from several key investors and industry verticals, including listed gaming company WeMade, GS Futures, an early-stage corporate venture arm of the Korean conglomerate GS Group, crypto VC Kestrel 0x1, layer 1 Algorand Foundation and next-generation cross-chain oracle solution provider Supra Oracles in addition to a collection of other supported funds, companies and individuals. The round raised approximately $3.3 million in total funding.

“With WEMIX, a proven utility coin and WEMIX$, a 100% fully collateralized stablecoin as its basis, we will launch our own mainnet WEMIX3.0 with DAO-based NFT platform NILE and various DeFi protocols. With the open platform WEMIX3.0, we intend to roll out an omnidirectional partnership ecosystem throughout the world. We believe this investment in Blockpour, the innovative DeFi platform, will create a meaningful synergistic impact on both parties’ blockchain business.” – Henry Chang, CEO WeMade

Blockpour aggregates metrics from DeFi applications across all supported networks in one dashboard, allowing users to explore and access otherwise siloed price and liquidity movements and discover opportunities. Currently, Blockpour supports the Ethereum (ETH), Fantom (FTM), Avalanche (AVAX) and Polygon (MATIC) proof-of-stake (POS) networks and will quickly integrate additional Ethereum Virtual Machin (EVM) and non-EVM-based chains. 

“Blockpour is an innovative DeFi platform that brings real-time decentralised data across multiple networks for users to view, compare and track token data. We’re excited to be part of the Blockpour seed round investment and support them on their journey to expand their integrations and product offerings. Blockpour will initially offer a better DeFi user experience through advanced multi-chain data analytics, which will be extended in the future to cover other growing verticals including NFTs, social and GameFi”. – Daniel Oon, head of DeFi, Algorand Foundation 

The closure of the seed round marks the start of a new growth phase of Blockpour’s journey, where it will expand its chain integrations and product offerings. These will include more advanced data analytics, portfolio management and unique features such as cross-chain order routing for best price execution via a paid subscription service. 

“The support we received from investors bolsters our vision and paves the roadmap to expand our products & become a leading source of multi-chain data analytics” – Brayden Abick, chief technology officer & founder of Blockpour

Blockpour also will look to quickly expand data coverage over other growing industry verticals outside of DeFi, such as GameFi, nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and social. 

Finally, Blockpour plans to launch its enterprise service to bring institutional clients lightning-fast multi-chain DeFi data as soon as Q3. 

"Blockpour is ready to power the next wave of enterprise DeFi adoption with its unique combination of comprehensive multi-chain data, lightning-fast speeds, and a sleek UI/UX." – Nabil Manji, head of crypto & Web3 at Worldpay from FIS

Blockpour also announced that it will be partnering with TOKO, a digital asset creation engine, to tokenize Blockpour’s cap table for investors as Blockpour looks to truly embrace Web3 technologies and the potential that it unlocks.

About Blockpour

Blockpour is a multi-chain data analytics platform that provides traders with the tools and metrics they need to navigate the world of DeFi. Crypto traders can leverage Blockpour’s next-to-real-time multi-chain data feeds and intuitive interface to identify trends across DeFi and discover their alpha. To learn more about Blockpour, check out our website and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.