The push for entrepreneurial leadership has led the Festival of Decentralized Technology – BlockShow, to announce an exclusive partnership with blockchain entrepreneur Andrew Fai.  His experience across the crypto space and the conference circuit as CEO of the Asia Blockchain Summit (ABS) and also as a partner at Deconomy, will help navigate the growing roster of potential experts that is crypto entrepreneurs, and bring to the forefront the most pressing content about what's going on at the fringe of technology. 

Fai, whose background includes wide expertise across decentralised technologies, business and fintech, as well as global logistics and commerce, will not only act as an advisor to BlockShow. 

Addy Crezee, BlockShow’s founder, welcomed Fai to the team:

“Having another strong, well-rounded entrepreneur like Fai on board will only lead to bigger, bolder conferences in the future. We’ve strived to make every conference different and this year will be a real spectacle - Fai’s extensive knowledge of who’s-who and what teams are really doing something special, brings a lot to the team.”

The  partnership comes ahead of the launch of BlockShow’s multi-track Festival of Decentralized Technology. This will amount to building an experience that covers Development, DeFi, Trading, Investments, AI, Regulations, Gaming & DApps, BaaS, Marketing and Privacy & Security

Andrew Fai commented on the announcement, saying: 

“I am extremely honored and excited to be joining BlockShow as a partner! Before I journeyed my way into the blockchain conference scene, I’ve always looked up to BlockShow as the Gold Standard of how crypto events should be done. Addy has long been a mentor who had taught me valuable lessons as an entrepreneur. Now that I’m inside the think tank of the super impressive BlockShow team, I sincerely invite you to come join us at the best blockchain conference out there.”

The Festival of Decentralized Technology will take place on November 14-15 at Marina Bay Sands Expo Centre, Singapore.