Putrajaya, 19th August 2019: BLOCONOMIC has successfully kicked off a blockchain expo with over 1000 attendees coming from 30 countries for 2 days event. The event has been officiated by Minister of Entrepreneur Development, YB Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan, with his support in blockchain industry in Malaysia. Bloconomic managed to bridge government agencies with blockchain agency and company like Malaysia Blockchain Association, MaGIC, and TriveAcademy by creating collaboration on training in education spectrum. This initiative is expected to groom and develop more talents who are passionate about going into this transformation initiative.


The minister has spoken about how getting in the train of blockchain industry is important to the entrepreneur and racing through the IR4.0 together. Being left out from the train is a loss for the society as we should march forward in the digital industry. YB Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan also fully support the initiative Malaysia Blockchain Association and MaGIC made in creating a Blockchain Researcher Lab, which effort had begin in Bloconomic by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with each other. 

Bloconomic had showcase many great projects which can be seen in their expo last week. One of BLOCONOMIC eco-system partner, DASH Next has taken initiative in recourses exchange with TriveAcademy and Block Tech Institute. During the event itself, TriveAcademy has launched their timestamping document project in TRVC.App which speakers and volunteers certificate of Bloconomic can be found inside. TRVC app also allow its users to play game and earn coin by registering for free using this link.


Bloconomic 2019 had also set out night networking meet up for its delegates from 14th-16th August. This session has benefited BLOCONOMIC delegates in many business opportunity angle such as investor funding, collaboration within eco-system and many more. The conference itself is a success with the latest and new trend topic being included in 9 of its panel discussion slot. Over 500 delegates has reviewed that they have get such a great and fresh insight on the conference. 

Bloconomic Expo was organized by Alphacap Berhad in collaboration with Malaysia Blockchain Association aim to have more sustainability activity and on-going project development such as talent growth, and new innovative project. By exploring more on the possibility of blockchain development to give back to society by partnering with various institution and organization. Currently, in working together with global and local related organization, such as DASH, MaGIC, MDEC, Vietnam Blockchain Club and many more, BLOCONOMIC has created better blockchain resources in Malaysia and turned Malaysia into ASEAN pit-stop for  Blockchain Business.

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