BLUESHARE is the first & only company so far to offer its Traditional Equity Shares on Blockchain. Besides our decentralized investment option, shareholders can also acquire traditional paper shares, turning BLUESHARE’s public offering into the first and only Hybrid STO.

Backed by 23 years of history, our business offers everyone the opportunity to participate directly and transparently in a future income stream and considerable capital gains by buying shares/Blueshare Token.

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What’s more, to our shareholders we present the BLUESHARE Referral program offering instant bonus that can be claimed in ETH/BTC/USDT/BST.

Any person that refers an investor with his referral link gets a bonus equal to 3% of all of the tokens purchased by the investor. The investor additionally gains a 1% bonus tokens just for the fact that he has used a referral link. Invite your friends and grow your stakes.

BLUESHARE is gaining popularity on the cryptocurrency market due to its fundamental value as it represents direct ownership of the company. In times of uncertainty, volatility, as well as bearish market behavior, the BST token can also serve as a hedge against potential losses on the cryptocurrency market.

With so many projects on the line, BLUESHARE is brought by a Swiss-based consolidated company which is the world’s first business to put its traditional equity shares on the Ethereum blockchain.

If that’s not enough, here are a few more reasons to consider it.

A Novel Concept

Interprom Mining AG intends to fund a pool of natural resources exploration, as well as extraction projects throughout the support of the crypto community. In order to do so, its members are able to participate directly and transparently in a future income stream and considerable capital gains.

The STO will provide the necessary funding which will enable the company to develop and to bring into operation a portfolio of thoroughly planned and well-defined projects for the extraction of non-ferrous and precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, and so forth.

The core reward to every token holder, who’s essentially also a shareholder, will be the income from dividends, as well as the potential for capital gains which result from the business growth.

Proven Background

Throughout the past 23 years, Interprom OOD has managed to establish itself as one of the leading construction and mining companies in the European country Bulgaria and abroad. The company has an impressive portfolio of successfully completed large-scale construction projects which include complex urban infrastructure, healthcare and educational facilities, power generation, road construction, wastewater purification plants, and many more.

With this said, BLUESHARE Tokens (BST) represent tokenized equity capital participation shares of Interprom Mining AG.

In other words, Blueshares represent shares of an actual, fully-operational multi-billion dollar company, unlike many of the emerging projects.

Swiss-Based and Compliant

Interprom is the first company to offer its shares using Ethereum-based smart contracts, thus providing 24/7 worldwide access to real-world value.

Interprom MIning AG is a fully regulated company, incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and it has already issued its Prospectus. The latter is public and it allows potential investors to refer to it in their assessment of the investment opportunity.

Moreover, the offering is in full compliance with the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Swiss Financial Markets Regulatory Framework of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) screening requirements which are obligatory for all of the participants.

Providing Needed Solutions

In light of all of the above, BLUESHARE is also a project which solves actual, real-world problems. It addresses and manages to resolve a variety of issues. Here are just a few of them

  • Direct P2P Transfer of Securities is Impossible

There is a huge limitation of the disposability of financial instruments which limits a large number of market participants. Tokenized securities, on the other hand, allow for a direct, peer-to-peer transfer, offering unlimited mobility, but only between whitelisted wallets

  • High Cost of Capital

The mining industry is largely dominated by rather large companies, owned by institutional investors. Startups in the industry, on the other hand, are traditionally funded through private equity placements which limits the diversification and increases the cost of funding. Tokenized shares, on the other hand, are more available to the public and they provide a cost-effective means of risk diversification, as well as a lower barrier to entry.

  • Limited Liquidity

Companies which are earlier in their life cycle and which don’t have access to public capital markets face limited liquidity of their shares. Compliant tokenization of equity shares, on the other hand, provides the much needed liquidity in the early phase of the company.

These are not all of the benefits that BLUESHARE brings, though. The project will also eliminate intermediaries, provide a direct link between investors and issuers, and many more.

As mentioned above, BLUESHARE has already started its STO and is receiving a serious interest of investors. The Gold Season allocates an additional 3 percent to the purchased tokens, so don’t hesitate to grab yours

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