Boba Brewery, as a fully decentralized platform to connect excellent fundraising projects from Boba Network and investors looking for initial decentralized exchange offerings, strives for:

  • Fairness: Boba Brewery provides guaranteed transparent allocation tiers for all potential users to ensure every participating user has an allocation spot.
  • First opportunity: As the first launchpad on the Boba chain, it prioritizes launching projects on the Boba network. Advocates always receive access to the first opportunity for the next big thing. 
  • Free-of-charge: To make Boba Brewery an innovative community, it has designed a zero-fee strategy on its smart contract, making participation available to everyone.

About Boba Network

Boba Network is an Ethereum Virtual Machine-equivalent layer-2 optimistic rollup that helps Ethereum smart contracts scale while delivering a delightful user experience. Boba enables Ethereum developers to build decentralized apps that trigger code running on web-scale infrastructures such as Amazon Web Services Lambda, making it possible to leverage sophisticated algorithms that are either too expensive, slow or practically impossible to execute on-chain.

Why choose Boba Brewery Launchpad?

Currently, despite high demand in the cryptocurrency market, sponsors and project teams still suffer from information asymmetry. Boba Brewery Launchpad is a solution providing first-hand information, thorough due diligence and third-party assessment validation to help its users pick out the projects with potential and values. The open and prospering community of Boba Brewery provides the newest updates on the cryptocurrency world and multi-angle perspectives of crypto investment.

How does Boba Brewery work?

Boba Brewery Launchpad decentralizes the project-launch process by empowering holders of its framework’s native token, BRE, which allows holders to utilize the launchpad, stake their assets and vote on any upcoming governance proposals. The token is designed to be a utility coin and will be used to encourage holders to adopt the protocol. Correlating with the platform’s vision, the token is feeless during the entire staking period.

The allocation and tier system of the BRE token would ensure successful launches for innovative decentralized projects on the Boba Brewery platform. By distributing strategic, private and public sales over many different participants, Boba Brewery can create the fairest token distribution at launch with no single entity holding a large supply quantity. All BRE tokenholders can actively participate to earn allocations in every project. During the token-vesting period, the platform will lock tokens ahead of the public sale. For the sake of transparency, all addresses and vesting seeds will be published on Boba Brewery for people to get an overview. The Boba Brewery principle — “Maximum allocations for users in exchange for long-term participants” — hands the power to its users to create a community-oriented platform. 

“In a decentralized world, we believe a passionate community and decentralized autonomous organization will lead our launchpad to success. Our platform aims to benefit all tokenholders with any size investment. The native token will be used to offer governance rights and other potential benefits to tokenholders on the platform. After the initial launch, the entire platform will gradually convert itself to a fully decentralized application with on-chain voting as long as the community has enough engagement. The governance will be in charge of the Boba Brewery treasury.” 

As the founder of Boba Brewery said, the mission is to bring world-class projects to Boba Brewery and make it an innovative community. Nothing can hold the community back, as fair, secure and transparent fundraising is what drives Boba Brewery forward.

Upcoming projects

Projects interested in launching on Boba Brewery Launchpad can contact the team on its social media channels or by emailing

Below is one prospective project that may be working with Boba Brewery: 


A fully on-chain nonfungible token (NFT) marketplace moving trading outside of the hands of centralized platforms.

In a truly user-centric fashion, the marketplace features community-controlled fees alongside staking-based fee sharing or staking-based fee reduction.

About Boba Brewery

Boba Brewery is the first launchpad of the Boba ecosystem, ensuring the rights of users for participation in project launching and processing. It allows project teams immediate access to the community with strong support, fast expansion and full momentum. For further information about Boba Brewery and its BRE token, join the community: