New York, NY — Boosty Labs, the world’s biggest blockchain dev shop, continues to create new areas of service and cooperates with top players in the cryptocurrency industry.

Boosty Labs is the largest world-class company specializing in outsourcing blockchain technology development, system integration, the automation of technological and business processes of enterprises, and IT consulting.

Founded in 2017 by young Ukrainian entrepreneur Viktor Ihnatiuk, Boosty Labs creates and improves finance, fintech, blockchain and cloud storage projects for crypto industry leaders. Currently, the company has more than 150 employees worldwide, with its headquarters in New York.

For over five years, Boosty Labs has successfully implemented over 150 projects for top crypto players, such as Ledger, Consensys, Celsius Network, Storj Labs, Bloom Protocol, NEM, Elixir and Near Protocol.

Boosty audit services

The expansion of the cryptocurrency market has led to a new wave of cyberattacks and fraud, showing just how vulnerable this industry is. Given these challenges, the Boosty Labs team has opened a new service of smart contract audits for its clients and other companies in the field.

Boosty Labs has put together a full-fledged high-level development team with expertise in smart contracts and Web3 front-end and back-end auditing to help companies protect themselves from hacker attacks. The service was launched in test mode at the beginning of September this year.

Boosty tech partner

In addition to auditing services, to support the company’s growth the team has launched a new development channel — the Boosty tech partner program — for entire blockchain ecosystems, enabling it to act as a proxy for new product development and even raise funding.

Viktor Ihnatiuk, founder and CEO of Boosty Labs, said:

“We launched a partnership program for blockchain ecosystems, becoming their trusted technical partner as well as a trusted partner who can implement bespoke projects in the form of missing crypto projects within the ecosystem. So, if we see a particular tool missing, we develop it and add it for the ecosystem to thrive. Such partnerships, where we act as their trusted delivery partner, are already active with the Polkadot Parity Web3 Foundation, Casper Network and Concordium blockchain projects. There are a few more, and we’re going to announce them in the near future.”

Hypra Fund acquires stake in Boosty Labs

Most recently, the Web3-oriented bought out NetSolid Investments’ 25% stake in Boosty Labs. The purchase amount is not specified. To date, the fund is the only investor in the company. In addition to the investment, will be actively involved in building the operational processes, sales and marketing. One of the fund’s unique features is that they initiate and develop projects alongside the founders.

Igor Pertsiya, partner and co-founder of, said:

“We have been working closely with the Boosty team for a long time. Knowing how the internal processes are set, we chose to invest in this company because we believe they are the strongest independent development team with the most potential in the market today. Their clients — including Storj Labs, Near Protocol and Ledger — are proof of this.

Also, Viktor is a strong founder, with seven years of entrepreneurial experience under his belt. With that background, we want to build the largest blockchain service in the world together.”

About Boosty Labs

Boosty Labs is the world’s largest blockchain development shop, with over 150 developers worldwide. The company’s clients include some of the biggest blockchain and crypto projects, such as Ledger, Consensys, Celsius Network, Storj Labs, Bloom Protocol, NEM, Elixir and Near Protocol.



About is a $25-million Web3-oriented joint venture fund investing in and building projects with founders. Besides investments, the venture fund proposes ready-to-work blockchain development teams, helps companies reach a new level in operational processes, selects an effective team, finds the best tools for growth, and raises funding rounds.