The nonfungible token (NFT) play-to-earn (P2E) space is continuing to grow at a rapid rate, providing investors and gamers alike with financial and personalized incentives to participate. By combining P2E mechanics into a simulation game akin to The Sims, BrainDance allows players to experience nostalgia while being rewarded as they play. 

Let down by the Fiat Fathers, the BrainDance game has created a holographic simulation inside the Metaverse for the Crypto Nation to make its escape. 

What is BrainDance?

By establishing a simulation P2E game inside blockchain technology, BrainDance is a game allowing players to control their own personalized dancer by minting NFTs, building cities, and choosing to fight either the Fiat Fathers or the Crypto Rebellion. Players receive digital real estate, such as a penthouse or city hub, and live out their gaming reality. When players begin the game, they will be able to start a business inside the Metaverse to provide goods or services.

Pitting good (Crypto Rebellion) against bad (Fiat Fathers), players make crucial decisions when embarking on quests against their opposing faction. With an easy-to-learn user interface and navigation system, players can either play their own way or delegate their business and character to a professional player. This allows players to choose an active or passive gameplay style, as BrainDance matches users with top players for possible delegation. 

BrainDance NFTs: Evolution, staking, breeding and far more 

BrainDance NFTs consist of three different rarities: One of One, Legendary Status and Rare Status. One of One NFTs are 101 ultra-rare uniques that share no traits with the other two rarity types. Legendary Status NFTs are a collection of 1,000 unique NFTs with traits non-existent outside of their status type. Rare Status NFTs are a collection of 9,000 randomly generated NFTs with original art, personalities and traits.

BrainDance NFTs mint not only a player’s character but also a set of DNA that evolves with players’ choices. As game NFTs eventually decay, players will need to utilize two separate “parent” NFTs to create offspring that inherit the DNA of each. 

Further augmenting this mechanic, players will be able to stake their NFTs and receive Stem Cell (STEM) tokens. Using STEM, players can upgrade their NFT upon reaching major accomplishments, or when they wish to change or enhance their character. Required for all upgrades, STEM is a deflationary token and will continue to be throughout the game.

Different from the NFT token, the BrainDance game token is called Serotonin (SRT) — similar in game theory to HEX, and deflationary. Each player who holds their NFT character will receive an airdrop of SRT once the game launches.

Don’t end up on the streets

In the cities of the BrainDance P2E game, each NFT holder will receive a penthouse while non-NFT players play in an NFT reality-simulation; this means they will have to cooperate with NFT holders in-game to build a city. All non-NFT players pay a small tax to NFT holders for living in their cities. The time to secure a spot is running out, so players don’t want to end up “homeless” in the metaverse. 

Before NFTs sell out, join the Discord below and read the announcement channel. The simulation is waiting.

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