San Francisco, Sept. 6, 2021 — Working together toward the world’s first fully decentralized investment fund, Civilization (CIV), the Unification Foundation and ShibaSwap have joined forces to form a global decentralized finance alliance.

One of the hottest topics of 2021, DeFi promises to remove the need for intermediaries such as banks and investment funds, thanks to purpose-built “trustless” blockchain technology.

However, until today, the benefits of this frontier development had been accessible only to a select few tech-savvy investors who enjoyed extraordinary rates of return.

Today, this new alliance sets out to change this. Launched on Ethereum on July 31, 2021, the CIV token from the Civilization community joined forces with the Unification Foundation, the world-leading technology provider of blockchain solutions for the enterprise. 

The initial project was to build a new automated technology platform to let investors access new financial opportunities yielding up to 1% a day on market-neutral returns at the click of a few buttons:

  • Simple — a user experience built for “the rest of us.”
  • Safe — a trustless system without intermediaries or manual work.
  • Efficient — an artificial-intelligence-powered trading strategy.

The ultimate goal? To build the world’s first decentralized investment fund, making the benefits of decentralized investment accessible to everyone.

Decentralized investment funds (DIF): What are they?

Decentralized investment funds are new types of automated technology platforms built together by three dedicated human communities:

  • Traders — researchers who invent, test and specify new strategies.
  • Developers — software engineers who code, build and audit the strategies.
  • Marketers — passionate believers who spread the word and attract investors.

Sator Settler, co-founder of Civilization, claimed:

“We are making decentralized finance accessible to investors, traders, marketers, artists, developers and financial experts from all over the world, exploiting the power of artificial intelligence to open up new trading strategies and crypto investment opportunities without the need to confide in any specific person or institution.”

With over $40 million in market capitalization already and more than $3 million in total value locked, Civilization is rapidly progressing toward its goal of building the first DIF. The DIF targets a 1% daily yield from market-making with Uniswap v3 liquidity pools, potentially unlocking over 500% of annual percentage returns for its investors.

Already one of the largest global DeFi communities 

The partnership was launched on ShibaSwap, hosted by the over 600,000 member-strong Shiba Inu decentralized community. Shytoshi Kusama, project manager of Shiba Inu, said:

“With the CIV and XFUND tokens among the very first ones to be granted the privileged status of access to the ShibaSwap Woof High-Return List, we demonstrate the commitment and strong synergy of the partnership between Shiba, Civilization and the Unification Foundation.”

ShibaSwap members will gain priority access to the Civilization investment platform which will offer significant long-term benefits, providing the whole Shiba community with new purposes and opportunities. 

Additionally, Civilization aims to become one of the prime cryptocurrency pairs on the ShibaSwap Exchange platform, having already established a record-breaking momentum by reaching a high tier of user-provided liquidity within 24 hours of its inception.

Mazi Sadri, co-founder and product lead of the Unification Foundation, added:

“We are excited to partner with Civilization and ShibaSwap to transform DeFi staking and smart investments. The anticipated integration with Unification and xFund’s Oracle of Oracles (OoO) will help prevent price hacks and provide the best prices for the DIF fund to maximize returns and net asset value for fund participants. We believe in the team’s architecture and performance-driven principles which are enshrined in auditable code. The community is effectively its own bank, funding projects chosen by community-appointed leaders and by decentralized autonomous organization-voting for major strategic decisions.”

The aim of this new partnership is that ultimately everybody would be able to gain a fair opportunity of financial freedom, independence and success, regardless of background, resources or personal network: an impact likely to be felt well beyond the world of crypto.


Company: Civilization

Contact: Sator Settler, founder