London, UK — The British company behind the innovative unbiased crypto ratings platform,, launched their proprietary EvaiStableFund today. The fund gives investors the opportunity to stake the native token EVAI into the fund, yielding a fixed 15% annual percentage yield (APY) with an additional 10% per annum bonus. Unlike many staking options in the crypto market, EvaiStableFund does not lock investors in for a minimum term nor charge any management fees. 

The new fund avoids the usual volatility associated with the crypto space and offers a way for investors to get exposure to the market with minimal risk. The interest is compounded daily and with the additional per annum bonus, investors will earn a 26.5% yield on every stake held for a total period of 365 days with no limit to how many stakes investors can run consecutively. To open a new stake, users need to sign up to,  have a balance of 500 EVAI or more in their Trust Wallet or MetaMask and connect to the Evai staking platform through WalletConnect.

Earlier this year, Evai launched, a crypto ratings platform through which live crypto asset data is evaluated daily against several key economic factors by AI and machine learning, before awarding each asset one of eleven possible ratings from A1 to U. Professor Andros Gregoriou of The University of Brighton, co-founder and chief research officer at Evai, explains how the rating platform works, “The Evai platform combines peer-reviewed academic research and Artificial Intelligence with a machine learning, self-correcting and autonomous rating protocol, removing human bias. Evai continuously learns, maintains and remains decentralized to produce unbiased ratings.”

The British fintech company now has offices in London and Singapore with their main HQ now set up in the cutting-edge CV Labs office within the DMCC Crypto Centre Dubai, located on the 48th floor of the iconic Almas Tower. Swiss Crypto Valley ecosystem company CV Labs supports over 960 blockchain projects within Crypto Valley alone and saw something unique in Evai, making the British technology company Global Platinum Partners earlier this year. Ralf Glabischnig, founder of CV Labs, said of the partnership, “The convergence of innovation, regulation and education is at the heart of CV Labs and the global partnership with Evai was a natural first step. Evai has developed a platform that will help to democratize the financial ratings sector.” 

Peer-reviewed academic research is at the heart of the Evai ethos and as such, the company have partnered with both Peking University and Brighton University, with the former recently having taken on its first Ph.D. student dedicated to the development and research of the Evai ratings platform while supporting the wider Evai research team. 

The innovative crypto ratings platform is free for everyone to use and can be viewed at The company describes the platform as a democratization of the crypto market with over 1,000 assets listed and rated, and thousands of more assets due to be added over the coming months. Evai co-founder and CEO Matthew Dixon told Cointelegraph, “Evai was conceived following the 2008 financial crash. The world financial system almost crashed due to the greed of biased ratings agencies, causing a massive misallocation of assets. The crisis hurt ordinary people, but the real culprits got away scot-free. Bias in big institutions is as prevalent as ever and the mission of Evai is to decentralize, democratize and remove all potential bias from financial ratings.”

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