Later this year, the Supermoon team will release its second token in the Supermoon Lunar System — Calypso. Calypso is building in the success of Supermoon, which reached an all-time high of $21 million. It combines an exclusive nonfungible token market with its primary token to give investors the opportunity to double down on their returns. Its community-driven approach and unique retro theme have not only attracted celebrities such as Spiff TV and Kevin Wong but also allowed it to build a community of loyal investors. 

The Calypso mission

Calypso aims to support creatives through its NFT market. In this market, creatives can turn their art into digital assets and sell them without having to pay extortionate fees. Calypso (CYO) tokens will work as a means of exchange in this market, with NFTs being paid for in CYO. The team aims to turn the market into a global hub for creatives, who will have the opportunity to sell their digital art around the world. 

Calypso also aims to support space missions and space programs with generous donations. This aim is part of Supermoon’s “Dare To Dream Big” foundation, which is funded with an exclusive Binance Coin (BNB) charity wallet. The team plans to sponsor astronaut scholarships and fund space research to speed up human advancement in space exploration.  

Why Calypso? 

The Calypso team is building an exclusive NFT market for the Calypso community. In this market, Calypso holders will have the opportunity to buy one-of-a-kind NFTs while earning lucrative BNB rewards and prizes. Besides playing a crucial role in the NFT market, Calypso will also work as a foundational support currency, helping raise the price floor for its parent system. It will also provide holders with several unique rewards. Just for holding Calypso tokens, individuals will receive BNB as a passive income. On every sell order, a 15% tax is applied. This tax is redistributed amongst Calypso holders, with a small percent being burned to reduce the number of tokens in circulation. This increases scarcity and thus the value of tokens held. 

NFT market

The Calypso team plans to release one-of-a-kind Calypso NFTs every month as part of a Calypso collection. These can be bought with CYO and will automatically enter holders into a prize draw. At the end of every month, Princess Calypso, a personified character in the Calypso Lunar System, will select three NFTs. The holders of these NFTs will then receive lucrative BNB dividends from the NFT trading tax. 


Here’s how Calypso will work. 

Every buy order inside the Calypso ecosystem will have a 12% tax. 4% of this is used for BNB dividends and 3% is used for marketing. 2% will be used to buy Supermoon and another 2% will contribute to liquidity. The remaining 1% will be used for the NFT wallet, which will be distributed among three NFT holders monthly. 

Every sell order inside the Calypso ecosystem will have a 15% tax. 5% of this is used for BNB dividends and 4% is used for marketing. 2% will be used to buy Supermoon and 3% will go to the liquidity pool. The remaining 1% will go to the NFT wallet. 

On its first two days of its release, Calypso will have a 90% tax on all sales. This will be reduced to 75% on the third day, 45% on the fourth day, 30% on the fifth day and will return to the regular tax rate on the sixth day. 

About Calypso 

Founded in 2021, Calypso is a next-generation decentralized finance project created to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized markets. Its community-oriented approach enables investors to manage their profits by building a passive income source. While focusing on essential business tools, Calypso also aims to build a community for social networking amongst crypto enthusiasts. Additionally, it brings entertainment value with an exclusive NFT market while supporting space charity and exploration. 

Please check out Calypso’s white paper for more information. 

To know more about Supermoon and Calypso, visit Calypso’s website.