CannaVerse recently released a white paper outlining its plans for Cannaland, the world’s first virtual cannabis-themed metaverse community.

By appealing to all stakeholders within the cannabis market — from canna-curious users to established cannabis businesses — Cannaland aims to become a one-stop platform for cannabis culture on a worldwide scale. This vision is supplemented by a dynamic metaverse economy founded upon Cannaland’s blockchain network and its native Cannaland Token (CNLT) — the primary currency for transactions in its digital ecosystem.

Uniting the cannabis and metaverse industries, Cannaland intends to become the preferred destination for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-customer (B2C) and cannabis-consumer communities. Cannaland has fashioned its virtual world with an e-commerce infrastructure and social events to attract cannabis advocates on a global scale.

A convergence of opportunities

The global cannabis industry is experiencing tremendous growth as changes in perception and legislation regarding medical and recreational use are paving the way for new products and distribution channels within the global marketplace.

According to BDSA, a worldwide leader in cannabis data analytics, the United States cannabis industry’s total economic impact is expected to grow from $8 billion in 2021 to $158 billion by 2026. Despite a turbulent relationship with the U.S. government, marijuana has been fully legalized in 19 states. The plant’s medicinal uses are particularly important, commanding 53% of cannabis revenue in 2021 and achieving medicinal legality in 70 countries around the globe.

The metaverse movement has also enjoyed impressive growth figures, with global market size of $61.9 billion today that is expected to grow to $426.9 billion by 2027. Forbes cites a $1 trillion opportunity in the metaverse industry and Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, bet its entire future on it. Even venture capitalists are star-struck by the possibilities; Andreessen Horowitz, for example, launched a $4.5 billion fund focused on Web3 and metaverse projects.

Cannaland operates at the intersection of these super-growth industries and intends to capitalize on its position by becoming a global hub for all things cannabis.

Cannaland’s value proposition

Cannaland is poised to be the birthplace of many new cannabis brands while supporting established brands as well, enabling worldwide businesses to operate virtually within one domain — without boundaries and other constraints found in the physical world.

Cannaland’s value proposition arises from several sources, the first of which is the Cannaland Token (CNLT), an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that will be used for transactions in its metaverse like buying land and other assets. The CNLT token sale is launching soon, so for those who wish to stay up-to-date, visit the official Cannaland Twitter.

Using CNLT, Cannaland participants will be able to engage with the virtual economy. For example, users will be able to purchase in-game virtual items like billboard advertisements, cannabis products, avatar wearables and other cross-transactional value items like nonfungible tokens (NFTs). Additionally, CNLT will be used to purchase virtual property like houses, rentals and sublets, all of which could become a viable income stream of CNLT. Vendors will also be able to host sponsorship events within Cannaland, including corporate, gaming and promotional events. They can even put up in-game lounges and smoke rooms for social gatherings and community building.

Cannaland’s vision is to build its cannabis metaverse with real-life qualities. This includes virtual conferences, e-commerce transactions for apparel and merchandise, in-game concerts and social events. The team has even envisioned a CannaCard, operating like a traveler’s check for Cannaland attendees.

Essentially, Cannaland is a blockchain-based cannabis community with real-life monetization opportunities and worldwide marketing solutions. Cannaland’s vision is to be the global hub for all cannabis businesses and enthusiasts in the world — and it’s just getting started.

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Cannaland is the world’s first cannabis-focused metaverse with a vibrant community and meta marketplace where all aspects of socially responsible cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retail sales and consumption of cannabis and hemp products can be enjoyed by its users. Cannaland uses its expertise in blockchain, crypto and the cannabis industry to create a virtual marketplace and economy, where the Cannaland Token (CNLT) is the primary currency for transactions.

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