CannaVerse announces the upcoming launch of Cannaland, the world’s first cannabis-themed metaverse, as a simplified solution for businesses to abide by the legalities around cannabis distribution, usage and cultivation.

The global cannabis industry, including high-THC, low-THC and CBD/hemp products, has enjoyed tremendous growth globally as evidenced by the 70 countries that have already legalized some form of cannabis for medical use. Additional momentum has also been noted in the United States, where 18 states are now looking to change legislation to allow 96% of all Americans to access some form of legalized cannabis by the end of 2022.

As changes in public policy, including decriminalization and legalization, become more apparent, perceptions of the cannabis industry are shifting in favor of medical and recreational use. This has increased new products on the market for consumers and provided more readily available distribution outlets.

Unfortunately, despite advances in the industry, the cannabis retail and online experience are still associated with social equity limitations and stigmas when purchasing these products. Presently, dispensaries are riddled with an overabundance of rules, security protocols, overwhelming product selection and limited payment options. For these reasons, the concept of a cannabis metaverse is believed to be crucial to addressing these issues.

Introducing the next-gen global community

CannaVerse has since announced the launch of Cannaland, a cannabis-themed metaverse that will provide the necessary support for businesses, regardless of location, to operate virtually within a single domain.

Mark Bonner, CannaVerse CEO, warns:

"Cannabis regulations are widely evolving across the world, and it can be hard to stay up to date with safe usage. Cannabis education is essential to improving lives and protecting consumers while building the appropriate interactive elements of tomorrow."

For consumers, this will mean a safer dispensary process, with an opportunity to tap into shared knowledge as a part of a more educated community. Since the current world of cannabis is fragmented, with numerous industry groups scattered across the internet and far too much misinformation proliferating from unreliable sources, a lack of knowledge continues to exist in terms of public policy, education and research, making the industry appear unsafe.

For businesses, the benefit is that organizations will no longer be subjected to the constraints of current localized regulations. By creating this platform, the team behind Cannaland suggests that a more open landscape for the globalization of current and future cannabis brands will exist.

The intent behind combining the business and consumer markets is to allow the world access to the largest cannabis community globally, bringing about more awareness and support. Cannaland believes these efforts will create a more efficient and secure place for the transaction of legal cannabis products.

Ongoing education

With cannabis laws and regulations continuing to change, Cannaland will also provide industry support through partnerships with leading experts on metaverse law and other laws impacting consumers. The goal is to empower consumers with reliable sources of information for understanding the changing cannabis and metaverse legal environments via an online library.

Matt Morgan, CannaVerse co-founder, says:

“The only constant in cannabis is change. With that comes regulations that blow like the wind; this is why a Web 3 style education platform is essential to keeping the consumer up to date by the minute as needed.

About Cannaland

Cannaland is the world’s first cannabis-focused metaverse with a vibrant community and meta marketplace where all aspects of socially responsible cultivation, extraction, manufacturing, distribution, retail sales and consumption of cannabis and hemp products can be enjoyed by its users. Cannaland uses its expertise in blockchain, crypto and the cannabis industry to create a virtual marketplace and economy, where the Cannaland Token (CNLT) is the primary currency for transactions.

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