Zug, Aug. 20, 2021 The CardWallet team is pleased to announce that its initial decentralized offering via the OccamRazer platform sold out in 1.5 hours, raising just shy of 79 Ether (ETH) — reaching the hard cap of the pool.

As the most anticipated IDO on the OccamRazer platform to date, CardWallet had over 1,000 registered users, with some 350 users gaining a spot in the IDO. A total of 2,777,778 CardWallet (CW) tokens were sold through the IDO in record time.

Exceeding its soft cap during the first wave of IDO participants, the CW token proved itself as the most exciting new digital asset and associated ecosystem tailored for the Cardano ecosystem.

Victoria Vaughan, chief operating officer and co-founder of CardWallet, said:

“Operationally, the CardWallet IDO was flawlessly executed by both our team and the OccamRazer team. While I’m obviously immensely proud of our rapid sell-out sale, I am not surprised — we are building one of the most comprehensive non-custodial wallets for the Cardano ecosystem, and our value proposition is clear. Our hugely successful IDO and strong secondary market trading are testaments to our position in the market.”

CardWallet will launch for both iOS and Android, offering out-of-the-box support for Cardano native tokens and supporting Visa, Mastercard and Apple Pay fiat on-ramps.

Elliot Hill, head of communications at Occam.fi, said:

“CardWallet is not just another successful IDO on the OccamRazer platform, it’s also a valued member of the Occelerator program and we’re very proud of how CardWallet’s IDO was executed. It was a resounding success and we are looking forward to continuing our journey with the CardWallet team in the coming months.”

At the time of writing, the CW token is trading around $0.75, some eight times higher than its OccamRazer IDO price. Find out more about CardWallet here

About CardWallet

CardWallet is a non-custodial wallet solution built for the Cardano blockchain and several other protocols, incubated by the Occam Association. With out-of-the-box support for Cardano native tokens and Visa, Mastercard and ApplePay fiat on-ramps, CardWallet is expected to rapidly become a major wallet provider for the entire crypto ecosystem. CardWallet’s strategic and technical partners already include Scalable Solutions, Simplex, Occam.fi, Nodeseeds and Crypto Dorm Fund. Learn more at CardWallet’s website.

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About Occam.fi

The Occam.fi ecosystem is managed and maintained by the Occam Association, a Switzerland-based entity operating from the crypto-friendly Canton of Zug. When the Occam.fi ecosystem grows sufficiently, Occam.fi will be governed and steered by a carefully designed decentralized autonomous organization. Occam.fi is the first decentralized launchpad designed for the Cardano ecosystem, built with expertise and care from a veteran team of blockchain entrepreneurs and professionals. Learn more at Occam.fi’s website.

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