Madrid — Carola Morena, a Madrid-based company dedicated to boosting music and finding new talent, is seeking to improve the music industry as its token presale nears. The company is passionate about music and helping artists on their musical journeys. 

The project will have its token presale on Jan. 27, 2022. Interested buyers can purchase through the Carola Morena app available soon on the project’s official website. 

Carola Morena is refreshing the entertainment industry

Carola Morena believes that music should be supported by reliable and secure technology. To accomplish this, it created its BEP-20 standard token on the Binance Smart Chain. The project will also reward holders who help with creating quality music and discovering new artists.

Carola Morena reinvents the concept of leisure for concertgoers. It combines a versatile, exclusive space with an extraordinary gastronomic experience. The euphoria of the dance floor, the high-quality KV2 Audio sound system and the awe-inspiring lighting all come together in a massive arena to redefine Madrid’s nightlife.

The token’s revenue will promote musical shows, DJ events and promotions. In addition, other events will take place at Madrid’s iconic Príncipe Pío train station. The massive complex in the heart of Madrid provides a multicultural space for music lovers. 

The renovated 3,040-square-meter space is inspired by New York and includes a “Healthy Corner” and exclusive VIP sections. The complex generates a one-of-a-kind environment, making Carola Morena an elite establishment in Madrid’s nightlife scene.

From the Carola Morena Academy to the world

The Carola Morena Academy is supported by the Carola Morena Music (CMM) token, by which artists can get into the program — artists will enter the program through a selection process that holders participate in. 

Each year, the project will choose different categories and styles before providing 24 individual or group artists with a real-life opportunity. Selected performers will then be assigned to one of two categories: talent cultivation or talent drive. Here, musicians will be assisted in producing their first professionally released song, expanding their previously existing portfolio or both.

Additionally, 10% of ticket sales for musical events will be converted to Binance USD (BUSD) and sent to the liquidity pool. This approach should raise the native coin’s price floor. Each year, the team expects roughly $500,000 in liquidity for CMM. As a result, the token’s market value will benefit.

Carola Morena distributes 40% of the earnings from signing and promoting artists back to its artists. On PancakeSwap, some royalties help to boost liquidity. As a result, these royalties can reduce price volatility and make token trading more frictionless.

About Carola Morena

Carola Morena reinvents the concepts of nightlife, gastronomic experience, artistic expression, musical production and event organization. It aims to become the benchmark of the cultural panorama in Madrid. It features high-quality sound and lighting systems, gastronomic presentations by the finest chefs and art performances. Music events and experiences in a multidisciplinary space will also come alive. 

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