BlockShow Asia 2019 powered by Cointelegraph will bring together experts, media and PR persons, startups as well as investors. This year’s BlockShow Asia is being celebrated as a Festival of Decentralized Technology and there will certainly be elements of entertainment in the two day long conference. An exciting development announced by BlockShow is that Lil Bubble  who shot to fame due to his parody of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road titled ‘All Time Lows’ has been roped in for BlockShow Asia 2019. 

Lil Bubble’s cheeky sense of humour is exhibited in his video All Time Lows, which has been viewed 421,200 times on Twitter and has 122,621 views on YouTube. It features a spaceman who has a Ledger wallet suspended from a chain around his neck and professes his desire to ‘ride my alts down to all time lows’. The alts in question being altcoins. The spaceman also plays an acoustic guitar. The tongue-in-cheek video is a play on the eternal hope of altcoin investors that they are oversold and undervalued and thus would one day their valuations would reach the moon. The spacesuit thus is apt.

The fear of losing out is also a theme of the song as the Spaceman is seen sitting in a desolate spot and wondering how he ended up in that place. The social anxiety and herd mentality of the investor is described in the stanza, “FOMO buy the pump, Panic sell the dump.”  The emotional attachment and love for the underlying investment is evident as he says “buying all these shitcoins, you can keep your bitcoin. I am broke as hell but I will never sell.” Lil Bubble has captured all the emotions felt by the average investor and brought them to life in his video.

The biting satire of Lil Bubble  is refreshing and strangely reflective of the present times. Fans of his work can definitely catch him in Singapore and revel in his wit. Describing his upcoming visit to the lion city Lil Bubble  says, “I might not have made it to the moon, but I AM headed across the planet! Lil Bubble is going global baby. We did it! Super keen to drag these bags all the way to Singapore for BlockShow. I might even meet my idol Justin Sun!”

You do not need any space space suits either, just  a trip to Singapore will do! Promotional tickets for BlockShow Asia 2019 are available right now. Whether you are a bag holder or a slick trader, come and join us for the show.