Sydney, Australia, Oct. 31, 2022 — Catheon Gaming, ranked the No. 1 blockchain gaming emerging giant in the KPMG and HSBC’s 2022 “Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific” report, is pleased to announce that the Catheon ecosystem token, CATHEON, is now live and tradable on MEXC, and QuickSwap.

The CATHEON token, which was launched on Polygon, will be the universal governance and utility token underpinning the entire Catheon Gaming ecosystem. With the entire Catheon Gaming brand and portfolio behind it, CATHEON will be one of the most developed ecosystem tokens of its kind in terms of utility and the breadth of the ecosystem backing it when compared with other similar blockchain gaming ecosystems.

The CATHEON token is a rebrand and relaunch of the existing CHICKS token in order to significantly increase the level of utility currently available with CHICKS — bringing it from the governance token of a single game title to the governance and utility token of Catheon Gaming’s entire diversified portfolio of 25 game titles and growing, the Catheon Gaming Center, the Catheon Labs advisory business, and the Catheon Metaverse.

As the Catheon network, community and number of titles continue to grow, Catheon Gaming expects to see significant network effects and synergies that will help continue accelerating the quality of the portfolio and ecosystem to help drive continued demand for CATHEON. With Catheon Gaming’s high-quality team and track record of rapid execution, evident in the company’s growth over the last 12 months, the company expects to continue growing rapidly as it builds out the ecosystem in the coming years.

William Wu, founder and co-CEO of Catheon Gaming, said:

“We are extremely excited to announce the next milestone of the Catheon Ecosystem. CATHEON will play an integral part in our highly developed ecosystem by fostering interoperability across games and services in the ecosystem. We have made significant progress over the last 12 months, but this is just the start for Catheon Gaming on our path to revolutionize blockchain gaming.”

About Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming, ranked by KPMG and HSBC as the No. 1 emerging blockchain giant in the Asia-Pacific region, is one of the world’s fastest-growing integrated blockchain gaming and entertainment companies. Catheon Gaming is the only end-to-end platform providing world-class technical, publishing and partnership capabilities for the world’s leading game studios, companies and brands seeking to navigate their path into Web3. By being the partner of choice, Catheon Gaming has built the industry’s largest portfolio of blockchain games and one of the deepest ecosystems to achieve its goal of being able to revolutionize the way we play, live and earn.

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