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CEDEN Network is an open-source infrastructure company that facilitates the creation and distribution of gaming, educational and creative applications in the metaverse era. CEDEN offers a content delivery network (CDN) solution that optimizes interactive entertainment delivery, reduces costs and minimizes the publisher’s ecological impact. The CDN operates through an interconnected peer-to-peer (P2P) network of nonfungible token (NFT) nodes.

By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), the P2P NFT nodes establish localized points of presence at the network edge to enhance the efficiency of data communications. This will enable publishers to host and deliver content to their customer bases with ease, allowing users to interact with each other at high resolution and speed while minimizing costs, inefficiencies, and ecological footprints.

CEDEN has plans to launch the first stage of its future-ready EDEN gaming engine as a beta service in Q3 this year. EDEN enables developers to produce interactive entertainment that operates natively through a meta engine. This engine lowers the communication requirements for data distribution to the network edge. Furthermore, the meta engine uses parallelization, vectorization and multi-threading AI to access all of the available GPU and CPU compute power in a node cluster. Further stages of development will facilitate communication between users at the edge of the network.

“Envision a Game of Thrones-style battle charge, with a diverse cast of thousands forging forward on foot and horseback as dragons fly overhead spewing fireballs…

Full cinematic engagement can now be delivered via the EDEN Engine.”

– Michael Haller, head of gaming, CEDEN

CEDEN mint pass NFTs and Keystone NFT collection

The foundation of the CEDEN NFT node network is the Keystone NFT collection, which is scheduled to launch in Q3 2023. This will comprise 10,000 Keystone NFTs featuring cute beaver profile pictures and artistic elements that celebrate the history and nostalgia of the gaming industry.

CEDEN mint pass NFTs grant holders a free mint of the Keystone NFT nodes. The mint for the CEDEN mint pass NFTs is scheduled for March 29 for early supporters, followed by public mint on March 30.

Mint pass holders will have exclusive, priority access to all future NFT mints that may occur within the EDEN engine content creation ecosystem.

CEDEN utility token (CDN)

The CEDEN utility token (CDN) enables a proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism that allows node operators to provide network content delivery services and receive rewards. Node operators escrow a predefined total of CDN tokens in order to mint a production NFT with a unique ID. Unique token IDs enable zero-knowledge-proof identity for all NFT node network participants. Unique artwork for each NFT provides additional personalization for node operators.

Block and network rewards are split between Keystone nodes (10%) and production nodes (90%). Participating nodes can earn rewards by operating the minimum required hardware and software or leasing such services from CEDEN or another third-party provider.

There is no premine of the CDN utility token. The ecosystem is bootstrapped via an airdrop mechanic to the Keystone NFT nodes. These nodes will receive 10% of the CEDEN utility token supply as a daily airdrop reward over a four-year period.

The CEDEN team has exciting plans for 2023. CEDEN has collaborated with LayerZero Labs to deploy its omnichain technology. The CEDEN mint pass NFTs will mint as omnichain nonfungible tokens (ONFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain. Thanks to LayerZero’s interoperability protocol, which supports ONFT implementations, CEDEN mint passes, Keystone NFT nodes and the CDN utility token can be transferred across chains, similar to projects such as Lil Pudgys, Gh0stly Ghosts and the Kanpai Pandas. CEDEN’s technology can seamlessly transfer between chains or exist on multiple chains simultaneously, taking advantage of new and innovative opportunities, and leveraging leading zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine technology for its node network.

“As the ecosystem rolls out, aspects of our tech have very different needs than cannot be satisfied by any one chain available currently. We believe the future is chain agnostic, and we have prepared for this. We are happy to be working with LayerZero to deliver an omnichain experience for our clients.” 

– Alex Moody, CEO, CEDEN

The CEDEN leadership team comprises top talents from both Web2 and Web3. They have partnered with strategic organizations such as FungWeiss DAO and Fork Ventures to accelerate its growth. Alex Moody, the CEO of CEDEN, has an entrepreneurial career spanning two decades, bridging the divide between traditional corporate enterprise and the blockchain industry. Michael Haller, who serves as the head of gaming, brings his expertise as the guru of video games, having served as vice president at Electronic Arts and group general manager of Dreamworks Interactive and EA Japan. Julian Jordan serves as the chief product officer, Steven People as the creative director, Jemma Xu as the head of investor relations, Terry Hilsberg as the chief strategy officer, Sook Hwang as the chief marketing officer, and Fogel as head of community. They have joined forces with a world-class advisory board to launch CEDEN this year.




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