The groundbreaking blockchain project, the Crocs League NFT, continues to gain traction as hundreds of public figures show interest in the pre-sale

It is looking like unprecedented times in the global blockchain space, especially in the nonfungible tokens (NFTs) market, with the upcoming launch of the increasingly popular Crocs League NFT by Andrew Brown aka Doctor Troller. The project already caught the attention of the likes of music artist and model Junior Choi, former super middleweight world champion and MBE James Degale, music group WSTRN, UFC fighter Jimi Manuwa and influencer Chole Othen who have all bought a Croc League NFT.

A report published by Virtue Market Research, a popular research company, revealed that the global nonfungible tokens market was valued at $250 million in 2020. The market experienced remarkable growth in a relatively short while, clocking over $2.5 billion in sales volume during the first half of 2021, as reported by Reuters. The figures undoubtedly show how NFTs have become increasingly popular in recent times, with experts describing it as one of the biggest things to come out of the blockchain industry. In a related development, several developers and digital artists have emerged to create NFTs to meet the needs of investors, traders and other stakeholders. However, Doctor Troller has been able to carve a niche in the industry as demonstrated by the attention garnered by the Crocs League NFT.

The Crocs League NFT is a unique video game-backed NFT collection featuring 4,444 pieces. The Chelsea-based digital artist, Doctor Troller, has grown to become a household name in the global NFT industry, with the sale of an NFT worth £20,000 ($26762.00) in 20 seconds after its launch — literally putting him in the eyes of the world.

Otherwise known as the heist artist, Doctor Troller expects Crocs Leagues trade sales to be in the millions over a short time, considering that more than 15000 people already signed up across social channels even before the launch of the NFT collection.

The Crocs League’s public sale is now live, with the NFTs currently available on OpenSea and generating over $10k in trade sales. Doctor Troller has also announced the imminent launch of the much-anticipated Crocs League game.

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