Cryptocurrencies aim to disrupt. In fact, much of the primary value proposition that cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications hold is that they are tied to some kind of evolution, innovation or revolution within the application to which they pertain.

That’s why it is so intriguing to see that CFX Quantum and its service ZeroOne are anything but such a disruption. CFX Quantum and its service ZeroOne present a rarity in the crypto world in that this is a unification — something that traders have been calling for, if not clamoring for, across a period of decades.

This is wildly apparent in some of the successes CFX Quantum and ZeroOne have seen. In a period of one month, CFX Quantum’s CFXQ token has been adopted by seven different platforms: DigiFinex, Latoken, P2PB2B, WhiteBIT,, Coinsbit and, of course, its own platform, CFX Quantum ZeroOne Wallet. 

It is obvious that the industry recognizes CFX Quantum as an emerging player in the DeFi industry, and favorable ZeroOne trials show that future growth is on the rise, including rumors of a banking project.

This has far-reaching implications for those established within financial markets and people who fancy themselves traders. And perhaps it would be appropriate to say that in an even greater sense, CFX Quantum and its service ZeroOne have even greater implications for anyone and everyone looking to invest and make money.

The root of this thinking is simple: Parlaying the strengths of quantum-inspired computing, the Fujitsu chip powering CFX Quantum and its service ZeroOne optimizes trade. ZeroOne is a stablecoin pegged to the Euro with assets backed in crypto, specifically Tether (USDT). By staking ZeroOne, any owner can be rewarded with a premium of 1% per month.

Something with that kind of value has to have risk somewhere, right? Is the platform safe? Who has access? What kind of security protocols are used, and is the team behind this platform yet another group of anonymous engineers?

The reality of CFX Quantum and ZeroOne is much more transparent, simple and secure, but there are so many competitors and other platforms that it is worth repeating that CFX Quantum and ZeroOne is more of a unifier than a disruptor. Here’s why:

Access to CFX Quantum and ZeroOne is simple. Buying and storing tokens are as simple as any other platform, and you can even use other major cryptos to execute trades that guarantee 1% monthly growth.

Guaranteed growth is sure to turn some heads, which is why the CFX team has opted for military-grade security. Fujitsu’s pre-quantum speeds are backed by the best security protocols out there, so you can have peace of mind. This is bolstered by the visionary team behind CFX led by Marco Mottana, who has 30+ years of experience and whose creativity and unique partnerships have led to constant results.

Plus, any and all private information you store using CFX will never be sold and can never be accessed by any unauthorized parties.

The long-term viability of CFX Quantum and ZeroOne is assured due to the powerful nature of its technology and security. If you thought that mitigating risk entirely and guaranteed growth were dreams in a far-off utopia, know that they’re here. CFX has arrived.