October 20, 2023 — Leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, Changelly, is thrilled to announce its Halloween 2023 special event. In collaboration with esteemed partners, Changelly is rolling out a series of engaging activities from Oct. 23 to Oct. 31, offering participants a chance to share in a prize pool of 500 USDT.

Highlights of the Halloween Special

  • Treated, not Tricked Contest: Solve a riddle from the Changelly newsletter for a chance to win 100 USDT. Subscribers will receive the riddle in their inbox, with answers to be submitted via Twitter Direct Messages.
  • Easter Egg Hunt in the App: An easter egg is hidden within the Changelly mobile application. Finders can win 100 USDT as well as get 0% service fees (at floating rates) when exchanging to XRP for one month by sending their discoveries right within the Changelly app.
  • Do it the HemingWay Challenge: Craft a story on Twitter, starting with a line provided by Changelly. The best entry, limited to 280 characters, will receive 100 USDT and a 1 month 0% service fee for XRP exchanges (at floating rates).
  • Noir Quiz: Engage in a quiz on the Changelly Telegram channel after downloading the MyTonWallet. Correct answers could earn participants 100 USDT and Telegram Premium annual subscriptions.
  • Tales from the crypt(o) Contest: Share unique crypto stories from the past 15 years, limited to 150 words, for a chance to win 100 USDT and special offers on DASH transactions.

Participation guidelines

Eligibility for the contests requires subscription to Changelly's Twitter, Telegram, and newsletters. For partner-involved contests, subscription to the partner's social media channels is also mandatory.

Changelly emphasizes the importance of participants' privacy, urging them not to share solved riddles publicly. For the app-based contest, participants should ensure they have the latest version of the Changelly mobile app.

All comments in the "Tales from the crypt(o)" contest undergo approval by Changelly, ensuring quality and relevance. The platform retains the right to modify the campaign or disqualify participants if necessary.

For a detailed understanding of the rules and to participate, users are encouraged to visit Changelly's official campaign website.

About Changelly

Changelly is a premier cryptocurrency exchange platform, offering seamless crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions. With a commitment to transparency and user experience, Changelly continues to innovate, providing its users with exciting opportunities and events.

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