Changelly PRO is launching a brand new referral program that will allow you to passively earn crypto by inviting your friends to explore crypto trading. 

Want to start earning more? Read on.

How does it work?

The new referral program will let you earn crypto every time your friends or audience make a trade on Changelly PRO. Every user who registers via your unique referral link will automatically become your referee, and you will get up to 40%* of their trading fees for the next six months. We will also give your referees a three-month 20% discount on their trading fees.

How to start?

Make sure you have a Changelly PRO account, and if you don’t, sign up here. Generate your first referral link here and share it with your friends and audience directly or via social media. You can use our ready-made banners or create your own call-to-action solution. 

What next?

Earn up to 40%* of your referrals’ trading fees for the next six months. Get paid daily in Tether (USDT) and withdraw your earnings at any time, starting from 10 USDT.

Why go with us?

  • Extra benefits for referees: The three-month 20% discount on trading fees will help you incentivize more people to sign up using your link, increasing your profit.
  • Consistent source of income: Earn from each transaction your referees make, no matter how much they trade.
  • 24/7 Support: Our multilingual support team is always there to help you with any inqueries.
  • Incredible profits: There’s no limit to how many people you can invite — be it 10 or 1,000, you’ll still get profit from their every trade.
  • Quick registration process: We will onboard your referees with one click.
  • Multi-currency wallet: We equip our users with everything they need for a safe and convenient crypto-trading journey.

Earn more with the new Changelly PRO referral program.

Start now!

*For the first three months, you will only get 20% of your referee’s trading fees, while your referee will get a 20% discount on their trading fees. For the following three months, you will get the full 40%.