Mahe, Seychelles, March 30, 2022 — Chimeras is launching the alpha version of its game, available to users from March 30 for two to three months. Accompanying the alpha game launch, the Chimeras Metaverse is announcing the sale of brand-new nonfungible token (NFT) packs containing regular in-game characters.

The launch of the Chimeras game is divided into two stages: The alpha stage includes mining and alchemy options, and the public stage will involve the introduction of various new features as they are developed.

The new collection

The new packs offered during the initial node offering (INO) will contain sets of peaceful Chimeras that players can use during their in-game activities to gain additional income. 

Players of Chimeras are thrust into a world shrouded in mystery, shattered by an ancient conflict against Chaos that was ultimately defeated by the efforts of the Magicians and Alathor the Creator. The Chimeras have ever since worked tirelessly to rebuild the broken islands and maintain peace across the land.

Players can rely on their peaceful Chimeras to mine, fish or extract valuable elements for use in alchemy. The Chimeras are also adept at running entire islands, increasing the efficiency of buildings and yielding additional income for their masters. All farming packs and combat units from the first sale round will be fully playable and applicable during the public release in a few months.

INO sale details 

The sale of Chimeras in-game NFTs will start on April 1. Among the platforms to host the sale of the second wave of the NFT packs are Liquidifty, Pacific DeFi and Xion. The Chimeras team is also in the process of negotiations with more INO pads.

The packs on sale will consist of 4,880 Tiny Packs at $160, each containing three Worker Chimeras, three items of Food for increasing Chimeras’ grade, one Miner’s Tool and Level Three Island Upgrade Resources. Another 2,045 Power Packs for $310 each will contain four Worker Chimeras, four items of Food for increasing Chimeras’ grade, two Miner’s Tools and Level Four Island Upgrade Resources. Also, 975 Wow Packs for $550 each will give players access to four Worker Chimeras, eight items of Food for increasing Chimeras’ grade, three Miner’s Tools and Level Five Island Upgrade Resources.

Farming income opportunities

The world of Chimeras provides multiple opportunities for generating income, one of which is the classical farming approach. The packs offered during the INO provide more profitable boosts for in-game progress but are rightfully limited in quantity. Every pack gives players a great chance to enter the game with solid discounts on valuables and increase their overall return on investment. 

For more information on income opportunities, read this article.

About Chimeras

The Chimeras project is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse that takes the free-to-play approach of allowing players to earn on the content they generate in-game and the actions and feats they accomplish. The core concept of Chimeras is a thrilling mobile game with integrated decentralized finance (DeFi) farming and NFT tokenization that revolves around a fantasy world filled with cuddly creatures — Chimeras. They include a well-developed backstory that engulfs players with lore revolving around a vast fantasy world of Chimeras populated with farmers, alchemists, merchants, killers, landowners and socials — all engaging in a variety of activities.

Anyone willing to join the Chimeras Metaverse still has the chance of becoming an alpha version participant. All that is needed is to purchase one of the packs or purchase CHIM tokens and stake them on the Roseon platform. The mobile game is available for downloading on the Chimeras site — the file is for Android and emulators for PC. The iOS version will accompany the metaverse’s public launch. All players can try out the game and earn their first prizes in NFTs and CHIM tokens.

CHIM tokens are available for purchase on the PancakeSwap exchange. Another listing will take place on a centralized exchange this spring, one with which the Chimeras team is currently finalizing terms of cooperation. The company is also working on a service for NFT staking that they intend to announce shortly.

For more about Chimeras and the launch of its new NFT collection, visit the main website here.

Media contact: 

  • Name: Yuliya Prekrasnova
  • Telegram: @ChimerasPR