Chimpzee is a new Web3 green initiative on a mission to disrupt the way people donate to charities. This new crypto project is more than just a memecoin — it empowers people to contribute to organizations that are fighting climate change and saving animals while benefiting at the same time.

This is made possible through the Chimpzee ecosystem, which consists of shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn and play-to-earn elements. A percentage of all profits generated through the ecosystem is donated to organizations that share the same mission.

WILD Foundation was founded in 1974 and is a well-established nonprofit that has been helping save wildlife around the world for decades. Its mission to protect one of the last herds of desert-adapted elephants drew the attention of the Chimpzee project and prompted the Chimpzee Army to spring into action to help raise funds while still in its early presale to help protect these animals.

Last weekend, Chimpzee reached its second raise goal on this project, donating $15,000 through theGivingBlock to WILD Foundation. This donation will help protect one of the last herds of desert-adapted elephants in the world.

The donation will be used to support the Eco Guards protecting these animals. The Eco Guards (APU), are men and women who patrol the areas that the elephants migrate through, helping protect them from poachers.

The patrolled area is the size of Switzerland. It is the largest biosphere reserve on the planet, so its protection takes many hands and a lot of coordination and time. It is a full-time, round the clock job for the workers who give their time every day and support their families at the same time. Donations are needed to pay wages, maintain the town hall, supply trucks, cars, motorcycles, camels and equipment, and more.

Chimpzee understands that nature and the environment cannot wait, and has decided to act. This initiative is one of the few projects in Chimpzee’s early presale stage that are making a real world impact right now. WILD Foundation is one of the first organizations to support the Chimpzee project and follows the mission that the Chimpzee project was created for. Chimpzee plans to help a variety of charities that share its mission to save animals, fight climate change and empower more people to contribute in a new way that benefits them.

Visit the Chimpzee webite and join the new Chimpzee movement.

About Chimpzee

Chimpzee is the first Web3 project that provides three ways for people to earn passive income while simultaneously saving animals and fighting climate change. The new Chimpzee green initiative significantly emphasizes protecting Earth’s natural environment. It seeks to increase public awareness and revolutionize the way people contribute to charitable organizations that help endangered species and fight climate change.