November 12, 2019 – San Francisco, CA

CHONGQING, CHINA - NULS, the world’s most adaptable blockchain platform releases Chain Factory, demystifying blockchain.

The zero-threshold solution, Chain Factory, breaks down blockchain technology into its fundamental independent components, delivering blockchain from the hands of developers into the hands of worldwide users. 

After two years of intensive research and development, NULS has achieved the groundbreaking milestone paving the way for mass use and availability of blockchain technology. Chain Factory is a step-by-step user interface allowing anyone in the world to instantly create their own customized blockchains without the need for any developers or coding.

The breakthrough comes through the use of modular architecture that enhances decoupling, allowing for maximized plug-in adaptability. In addition to chain creation, Chain Factory provides high quality tooling which comes standard with any chain, including a wallet and explorer, with more standardized features planned in Q4 2019. For added features and customizability, the Factory comes with a market place where users can purchase closed-source modules, or download open-sourced options of industry-related application modules such as; supply chain modules,  oracle data modules,  staking modules, DEX transaction modules, account permissions modules, anonymous privacy modules, traceability certificate modules, consensus mechanism modules, and many others.

At the time of launch, some modules remain in stealth mode. but several have been made available to the public, including a public access module (API, wallets and explorer), and a cross-chain module, allowing interchain swaps of assets, data and value circulation throughout the NULS ecosystem of chains. 

NULS anticipates rapid growth of its module repository, with plans to enhance the Factory’s warehouse of modules by rewarding developers for their contributions. A smart-contract based marketplace will allow businesses or individuals to offer a price for a specific or custom module to be built, and resolves payment and delivery on-chain, including automatic download and deployment. The marketplace is expected to be released in early 2020.

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