Chumbi Valley has achieved an astounding level of success for a nonfungible token (NFT) gaming project that is only five months old. The team has been working passionately on the project with a confident vision to create a play-to-earn blockchain game inspired by classic 2D role-playing games, such as Pokemon and Stardew Valley. The mystical “Chumbi” NFT characters and environment designs are inspired by Studio Ghibli films.

In five months, the team has achieved the following:

  • Signed five experienced advisors from prominent crypto projects.
  • Gained more than 1 million total followers across Twitter, Discord, Telegram and other social media platforms.
  • Held numerous competitions with NFT prizes that raised over 310 Ether (ETH) in funds going directly to community members.
  • Completed an oversubscribed private sale raising $3.06 million led by Everse Capital.
  • Held an oversubscribed NFT sale whitelist with over 200,000 wallets submitted in less than a week.
  • Completed an NFT sale that sold out in four minutes, raising $3.7 million, hosted on the Chumbi Valley website.
  • Became the No. 1 Polygon NFT project on “Opensea Top NFTs” with over 1,000 ETH volume in seven days.
  • Donated $100,000 to typhoon relief aid and the Starlight Children’s Foundation.
  • Secured the coveted KuCoin IEO Spotlight (only 16 have ever been held).
  • Launched CHMB token on KuCoin, which increased 14,300% since getting listed.

Private sale round

Chumbi Valley quickly captured the attention of investors and crypto enthusiasts alike. Over the course of three months, Chumbi Valley iterated on and closed its private round, securing an experienced network of investors and partnerships, led by the esteemed crypto investment firm Everse Capital.

Alongside Everse Capital, Chumbi Valley has secured investors such as Spark Digital Capital, CinchBlock, Vulcan Forged, Lavender Capital, Orion Protocol, Raptor Capital, Maven Capital, TK Ventures and many more.

With a highly skilled team and a network of crypto advisors, partners, investors and key opinion leaders, Chumbi Valley continues to achieve remarkable success in its project, demonstrated by the results of its NFT sale and launch of its CHMB token on KuCoin.

NFT sale

On Dec. 16, 2021, the Generation 0f Seed Chumbi NFTs sold out in four minutes on the Chumbi Valley website. The demand to obtain one of the Seed Chumbi NFTs was tremendous, with 200,000 wallets submitted in a GiveLab raffle (the largest of this kind to date) for a chance to be selected for the whitelist. Only 4,000 winners were selected via a random draw.

The success of the NFT sale sparked huge demand on the secondary market, resulting in Chumbi Valley becoming the No. 1 Polygon NFT project on “Opensea Top NFTs.” The Chumbi Valley official collection reached over 1,000 ETH of volume in just seven days, with the pods holding a floor price of five times their original purchase price.

CHMB token launch and KuCoin IEO Spotlight

The team worked tirelessly throughout December to achieve a remarkable series of accomplishments. Only one day after the NFT sale, on Dec. 17, 2021, the CHMB token was launched on KuCoin after completing the coveted “IEO Spotlight.” Only 16 IEO Spotlights have ever been held on KuCoin prior to the Chumbi Valley CHMB initial exchange offering (IEO). The CHMB token launched on KuCoin and has increased 14,300% since getting listed.


Most impressively, Chumbi Valley has amassed a devoted audience of Chumbi fans on its social media platforms. With over 1 million followers across its Telegram, Discord, Twitter and other social platforms, Chumbi Valley continues to inspire gamers around the globe who eagerly await their chance to take their Chumbi NFTs into Chumbi Valley and play the game that is scheduled to release in mid-2022.

What’s next for Chumbi Valley?

The Chumbi Valley community and Seed Chumbi NFT holders are excited for the Seed Chumbi Hatching Event that will be held on Jan. 20. Collectors and Chumbi fans are eager to catch a first glimpse of the 4,096 highly unique Seed Chumbi NFT designs. Additionally, four Seed Chumbi NFTs will be given away in a series of competitions leading up to the hatching event.

Chumbi Valley has also announced that staking of its CHMB token will go live in early January. The team has revealed that tokenholders can look forward to an APR of 150%+ by locking their CHMB tokens, using the upcoming staking portal on the Chumbi Valley website.

January will hold many surprises as the team announces new partnerships, game dev progress, CHMB related activities and events.

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