The evolution of decentralized finance has arrived with Climb Token Finance, the DeFi platform that innovates the deflationary yield farm and the way to generate returns. The best thing about this announcement is that the pre-sale of the first exchange-traded token fund is just a few days away.

We have a habit of seeing how many platforms working on the Binance Smart Chain do not have long-term projections and proper fund management, but Climb Token Finance has come to change everything. Its innovation is in its token called Climb, whose sole objective is to achieve a constant price increase over time, which will include bi-weekly dividend payments to its Binance USD (BUSD) holders — dividends that can be acquired just by keeping the token in your wallet without having to block the funds or save them in a specific place.

On the official website, the company describes itself as the first “Exchange-Traded Token Fund (ETTF).”

Climb Token Finance works in:

“The highest-performing platforms from DeFi, yield farms, staking, lending, trading, stock market and investments. With the optimal management of funds, buybacks, burns and liquidity, and the objective that the price of Climb only increases together with the best financial strategies.”

Meanwhile, we cannot stop talking about the new strategy that has been implemented in the yield farm, a strategy that is here to change the world of DeFi. It is a deflationary yield farm comprising mainly an alternative token, called Mountain Token (MNTN), which has been carefully designed and studied in order to generate profits in the farm and protect the price of Climb.

This is expected to be the most competitive DeFi platform due to the fact that it has implemented strategies never seen before, such as investments and systems that will accelerate the reduction of tokens in the market. The most innovative things are multiple platforms, on which you can choose different ways of generating returns, staking or adding liquidity in farming, as well as obtaining aforementioned dividends, providing multiple sources of income to its users without putting aside your future projects, such as NFT markets, IFOS, lending systems and much more.

Here are ways to generate income with Climb:

Holding Climb: The profits of our financial strategies will be reflected in the price of Climb.

Keep them in a wallet: Climb holders will receive bi-weekly BUSD dividends deposited directly to their wallets as passive income.

Staking: Stake Climb tokens to generate extra profit in the alternative token MNTN.

Farming: Place CLIMB tokens in yield farming to generate profits in the alternative token MNTN.

When the team buy back tokens and burns them: By reducing the tokens in the liquidity pool on exchanges, the price will increase immediately. We will buy them back with the profits obtained from our financial strategies and the commissions generated in our decentralized application.

A particular and relevant characteristic of Climb Token Finance is the distribution that it has proposed in its capitalization. The company’s strategy is based on what approaches are known to be the most successful on DeFi platforms today: buybacks and burning of tokens, which will cause a positive impact on the price in addition to generating dividends that encourage users to hold tokens in order to maintain performance and increase capitalization. Climb will be a low-circulation token, with only a maximum of 625,000, and only 250,000 tokens will be sold in the pre-sale.

The token can be purchased in the pre-sale through its official platform, which has been designed to work automatically, safely and simultaneously, where investors can connect their MetaMask wallet and acquire Climb with BNB, the token will have a price of 0.0805 BNB in presale.

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