The team behind CLO, Callisto Network, has achieved to get CLO on one of the major and respectable exchanges of all times, Bitfinex.

CLO has demonstrated a lot of progress and success since its launch in April of 2018.

This coin is mined and traded worldwide and it has real uses cases that people are already using.

It has a unique and interest method for ricing founds. It’s self-sustained, meaning that it didn’t require pre-mined coins, early investors nor ICO to raise funds for its own future development.

They collect funds storing a percentage of the block rewards that are mined in a wallet that is of public knowledge. This way they assure work, progress, transparency, and results.

But why do you should focus on this coin in particular?

One of the most important uses cases of CLO is their Cold Staking dApp. It allows every user that have CLO, no matter how much they have, to generate interest by locking them for a period of 27 days. This is be done easily as a term deposit from your home baking account in your local bank.

You select the amount of CLO you want to lock, you wait for the 27 days and then you can claim the rewards.

No specialized hardware, software or knowledge is needed to perform it. You can do it from your mobile phone (there are well-known wallets as Trust, Coinomi and Guarda that supports Cold Staking dApp), PC or laptop with any internet browser.

They are planning a monetary policy to reduce inflation rate and to guarantee a better value to the coin. Meanwhile, holders keep earning interest with their dApp. There are more than 750 million CLO on the Cold Staking contract, meaning that more than 50% of the total circulating supply is being held in there by users, claiming a reward of around 4% per round (27 days).

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