The world is heading for catastrophic levels of global warming, even after the new national climate pledges, according to a United Nations report.

The recent study released on Oct. 25, just before 2021 COP26, said that if countries don’t quickly set stronger emissions-reduction targets, the world will warm 2.7℃ by 2100, which far exceeds the goal of keeping warming below 2℃ and preferably 1.5℃ stated in the 2015 Paris Agreement. There has been a consensus that global warming of 2.7℃ would cause serious catastrophes to the planet.

How to put the world climate back on course? It’s becoming less and less likely that, under the framework of the inter-country agenda, negotiators will agree on a unified global carbon market.

Problems that concern the well-being of humans require solutions to be proposed by the consensus among ordinary people worldwide. How will the decentralized crypto sphere collide with the energy sector, which was once dominated by centralized institutions and enterprises? Will innovations integrating crypto and energy promise a sustainable future that is worth living?

Research shows that blockchain technology has capabilities to transform and optimize the way energy transactions happen, and opens tunnels for majorities to join this massive market.


Among the various energy crypto currencies, WOZX offers an equal opportunity for individual contributors to take part in the energy efficiency sphere in a meaningful way. Co-founded by Steve Wozniak, also known as the co-founder of Apple, Efforce (WOZX) has been operating in the energy efficiency field for many years, and possesses a deep network of resources. Meanwhile, the token economy energized by blockchain allows its community to transform the decarbonization vision into practical and effective investments that can bring economic benefits. Going far beyond mere cryptocurrency trading with concepts of environment or energy, Efforce has developed a marketplace and a set of participation mechanisms that guarantee energy efficiency projects accessible by ESCOs and contributors. Behind the marketplace is Efforce's surefooted implementation of energy efficiency projects, which radiate globally while focusing on Europe. The Efforce platform allows enthusiasts all over the world who are passionate about energy efficiency and carbon neutrality to participate in and ignite this revolutionary movement.


On Nov. 6, the Efforce Summit will be held online, with leaders and pioneers from both energy and crypto spaces giving keynote speeches. Speakers from top industry institutions and enterprises will share their insights on the future of energy, and will discuss what disruptive changes blockchain technology can bring to the traditional sector of energy.

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