COIN360, an interactive infographic created to display current data on the cryptocurrency market, has globally updated. Now users have even more information at their fingertips: retooled navigation on the main page, updated filters, and extended coin and exchange cards will take user experience to a higher level. The new feature, Liquidity Book, will help traders find the best liquidity option on the market, and the Methodology section will explain where COIN360's figures come from.

COIN360: the heatmap

COIN360: the heatmap

Menu and Main page

The menu has been moved from the sidebar to the top of the page and supplemented with the following new sections: Liquidity book, Press Releases, and Events.

Now Coin and Exchange pages, as well as Watchlists, can be opened in Table View by clicking on the button located to the right of the search field. 

COIN360: Watchlist in a Table view format

COIN360: Watchlist in a Table view format

Along with the menu, the filter buttons have been updated and added to the header, where they are now always visible. In line with community requests, COIN360 team has added more base currencies, including GBP, CNY, EUR, JPY, CAD, and USDT. 

Coin/token cards

The new COIN360 update includes an expanded coin/token card that provides users with renewed charts, a Markets tab, and a Related news section. Moreover, every coin/token card is adorned with a customizable widget section for each currency.

Charts on the coin cards graphically indicate the market cap and price of a given coin within a selected time frame. The Markets tab shows a list of the exchanges where digital assets are traded, allowing a user to compare trading pairs, 24h volume, current price, fees, and other useful information. 

Exchange page and cards

The renovation hasn’t skipped over the exchange page: all filters have been moved under the header for simplicity of use. A special filter now divides the exchanges into two groups - the ones that have been verified by COIN360 analytics and the ones that have not. 

COIN360: an exchange page

COIN360: an exchange page

The most comprehensive data is now available about every supported cryptocurrency trading platform. By clicking on an exchange card, users can find relevant information about it, including volume, active markets, and launch date.

In the Table view format, the information is now divided into two sections: Overview and Social. By moving to the Social section, users can find social network statistics and Trustpilot ratings for each exchange. 

Liquidity book

One of the most significant features recently launched on COIN360 is the Liquidity book which helps traders to choose the exchange with the best option for buying or selling a fixed amount of crypto.

Moreover, with the help of exchange selector, the Liquidity book will allow traders to compare the rates they are getting on a certain exchange with the best rates on the market. The coefficient is computed and displayed for each box as a ratio between a selected exchange’s execution price and the execution price of the best of the other exchanges. 

To better know how the Liquidity book works, check out this page.

COIN360: A comparison of Huobi's market depth with that of other exchanges

COIN360: A comparison of Huobi's market depth with that of other exchanges

Another addition is the Methodology section located in the About module. COIN360 is a market provider that aggregates data from more than 50 major exchanges, and in the Methodology section, users will find comprehensive information on how COIN360 calculates prices and volume.

About COIN360

COIN360 is an interactive cryptocurrency infographic created to display current data on the cryptocurrency market, indicating market capitalization, exchange rates, and live prices. Each infographic block has a different size and color, and a cryptocurrency ticker. The layout provides users with a comprehensive view of the current state of market data including prices, crypto rates, market cap and volume in a visually engaging and easy to understand format.