Golden Inu added to CoinGecko crypto index listings, making it more visible to crypto traders, both whales and shrimps.


CoinGecko listed the hot new ERC-20 Token, Golden Inu (GOLDEN), Friday morning at approximately 6 AM Eastern. The new listing caused an immediate growth in transactions of the ‘Shiba Inu Killer,’ with an uptick of +52% in trades.

Currently, the price of the $GOLDEN [ERC-20] token is $0.000000000020872 [USD].

The price initially saw an increase of 0.01% since Coingecko added the listing before a miniature sell-off from 2 investors looking to net a fast profit.  The value has since risen again. The upward movement is indicative of a coming price surge for the $SHIB token rival.

Beta version of new play-to-earn game also debuted

This news comes on the heels of the Golden Inu’s launch of the beta version to their highly anticipated  play-to-earn game, $Golden Inuverse. Via the Crypto Coin Opps community forum, the P2E gaming developers behind their game are answering questions from gamers and sharing visual updates.

It has been made clear that this new P2E Game will help burn the available supply of $GOLDEN tokens. First, only the BEP-20 will be burned but in time the game will also help burn the ERC-20 supply; mainly from the sale of the $Golden Inuverse NFTs that have in-game use.

CoinMarketCap listing next

The news of Coingecko’s new listing of the Ethereum-blockchain version of $GOLDEN consolidates the ‘Shiba Inu Killer’ nicknamed crypto brand’s efforts to become the top memecoin of 2023. As the millions of crypto traders that watch CoinGecko daily begin to notice the freshly listed coin, it’s highly likely that the token value will soar higher in value throughout the next 48 to 72 hours.

A bull run is also plausible as the listing asserts that the founder of Golden Inu, @3TC on twitter, is simply the truth. He announced that CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap would be listing the token weeks ago to investors, which some doubted after a short delay due to Coin Indexes having recent policy changes. However, today’s listing on CoinGecko parallels that promise and is also indicative of a coming listing on CoinMarketCap.


Token price predictions after Coingecko listing

The exact percentage that the Golden Inu’s ERC-20 token is going to increase has not yet been predicted by analysts. However, it is typical for new cryptocurrency listings with reputable marketing to surge in value from XX% to XXXX% within the first week.

After the surge from CoinGecko adding a memecoin, a market correction happens typically.   However, it’s usual for tokens' value to stay higher post-listing than pre-listing, leaving investors in the green.

How to buy Golden Inu?

The Golden Inu token can be bought via the world’s No. 1 decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, Uniswap [buy here]. Traders must increase the slippage to 7% before purchase [learn how to]. Prices shown on CoinGecko parallel prices on the popular DEX.

Other cryptocurrency exchanges are expected to add the Golden Inu tokens, both this new ERC-20 token and the BEP-20 coin in coming months.     With the cryptocurrency’s focus being on Latin America  for future projects, it’s highly likely it will be listed on MEXC, a popular Latin American exchange.

MexC has over 10-million users. If Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) gets listed on MEXC, the daily transaction volume and amount of holders could skyrocket. Such activity would likely send the token’s price skyrocketing.

Top rival to Shiba Inu and Dogecoin

As for now however, CoinGecko has given the ERC-20 version of the Golden Inu ($Golden) token a positive nod by adding it to its coin index listings [see here]. Double verified and soon to be audited by Cryptoscope, the Shiba Inu Killer is on a fast pace to becoming the top rival of both $DOGE and $SHIB memecoins.