Crypto payment services provider Coinpayments has announced it will be partnering with Cryptwerk, a comprehensive online directory of various merchants and retailers around the world where consumers can spend their cryptocurrency. It aims to increase adoption of cryptocurrency as a method of payment to replace more commonly used cash and card systems.

The Cryptwerk directory covers a broad range of both online and in-store merchants across several categories, including online retailers, shops and markets, travel and tourism services, gambling and gaming, news and analytics, software services, and even restaurants and cafes. Users can easily search the site or browse through the category of their choice to find out exactly where and how they can spend their cryptocurrency. 

“While the crypto space is still in its infancy, a crypto store directory is an ideal and efficient solution to find a variety of places that will accept cryptocurrency as payment,” said Sean, Operations Lead at Coinpayments.

Some of the more well-known companies listed in the Cryptwerk directory include Gipsybee, Shopify, Bitstarz gambling, Genesis Mining, Arden Jewelers, OpenBazaar, and both Ledger and Trezor digital wallets. In order to give users a reference of quality, all listed merchants are given a rating out of 5 stars based on their social activity, customer reviews, contact details, and available media. 

The partnership with Coinpayments brings together two of the world's largest providers of cryptocurrency payment and information services, helping to increase awareness and adoption of the industry. Coinpayments listing on Cryptwerk will also benefit from the following additional features:

  1. Links to merchant stores for easy navigation.
  2. A list of coins accepted by merchants.
  3. Links to relevant areas of the CoinPayments site to help merchants or users register.
  4. Links to CoinPayments social media accounts.

“We felt that a partnership between Cryptwerk and CoinPayments would help benefit both our merchants, giving them an outlet to inform others about their willingness to accept crypto payments, and cryptocurrency holders, giving them a single source for finding a variety of merchants willing to accept their cryptocurrency,” stated Sean.

About Coinpayments

Since 2013, Coinpayments has been offering crypto payment services to consumers and retailers around the world. Now with 2.2 million users across 182 countries, the company is the most diverse cryptocurrency payment platform available. Above and beyond merely providing a crypto payment gateway, Coinpayments offers several additional services including digital wallet integration, crypto cold storage, multi-signature support and a wide variety of plugins and merchant tools to help boost your business.

Through the Coinpayments system, retailers can quickly and easily integrate a payment gateway that accepts over 1420 different cryptocurrencies, with transaction fees as low as 0.5%. The website is available in 13 different languages and benefits from a large selection of support tools, FAQs, and informative articles. Listing packages are available for both merchants and coins and offer company branding and several premium services at an additional cost with monthly, bi-monthly or tri-monthly payment options.

“It’s important to remember to not just hodl your crypto, but also to spend it to help increase adoption. Since the crypto space is still early days, spending and transferring cryptocurrency has never been so important!” - Sean, Operations Lead at Coinpayments.

CoinPayments merchants with over 500 verified transactions will receive a special badge on their merchant profile to help boost their reputation on the Cryptwerk store directory. Furthermore, all merchants can get a 20% discount on premium placements in their category lists, branding, or banner ads when they use the code CPSWERK for a limited time.