Airdrops, airdrops, airdrops are everywhere! But what a task to manage an airdrop campaign and how expensive it is! Distributors need to think twice before deciding the number of recipients they want to give away their token to.

What a hassle for recipients, social media validations, forms to be filled, social media actions. Have it done once and for all with the Coinstantine App.

What is Coinstantine?

Coinstantine makes mass token distribution easier and cheaper.

The crypto-company will distribute their tokens to as many wallet as as preferred for the price of one single transaction.

The recipients may withdraw the distributed tokens via the Coinstantine mobile app which provides security and ease-of-use.

There is a small fee for withdrawal which needs to be paid using CSN.

How does it work?

Coinstantine is makes airdrop campaigns and mass token distribution easier and cheaper. The intelligence is defined in a smart contract. The smart contract manages the tokens deposits and makes them available to the subscribed users.

The Coinstantine project consists of a smart contract, a website and a mobile app. The website is aimed to be used by airdroppers and distributors where campaigns can be managed and all distribution details may be edited.

The mobile app targets users who want to receive tokens. Through the app they may validate with social media accounts.

Finally, the smart contract makes magic happen.

What are the benefits?

Coinstantine is a free service for crypto-companies. This is rare enough to be mentioned. Airdrop campaigns are Coinstantine’s core business, crypto-companies would use a highly qualified external service for free. Coinstantine saves time and money to crypto-companies. It is a win-win situation.

Withdrawers are offered a user-friendly app that would save them time and useless validation routine. They wouldn’t have to validate their Twitter account, Telegram account, Facebook account, Google+ account, BitcoinTalk account, retweet, chat with bot, like, favourite, follow, comment etc. for every single airdrop campaign they want to participate in.

They would do these steps within the app once and for all. Their data is safely stored and will never be shared with any other third party. It can only be shared with a distributor after their explicit consent with subscription.

Have a look on Coinstantine’s website or Twitter account.


The Coinstantine team is running a pre-sale starting from July 1st until August 15th.
The soft cap is 400 ETH and the hard cap of this first round is 4000 ETH.

More information about presale on Coinstantine’s website.