Cointelegraph China and Kaka NFT held an event on July 30 to celebrate women in blockchain. Ten women were selected by the Chinese blockchain community as the most independent women working in the blockchain space. They include Li Ruihan, public relations manager of Conflux; Flora Peng, co-founder of MSpace-NFT; Vivi Lin, chief marketing officer of XCarnival; Nancy Xu, chief marketing officer of HyperPay; Freya Fu, chief marketing officer of CryptoArt.Ai; Myra Wang, CEO of dBoost and China community consultant of Oasis Network; Iris Sun, vice president of Amplio Capital; Mia Bao, founder of BeepCrypto; Sun He, co-founder of Why Lab; and Albiona Hoti, a full-stack engineer at Manta Network.

The event was hosted by Cong Ge, the image ambassador of Kaka China, and the number of online viewers reached over 20,000. During the event, Cong also drew three lucky visitors and presented them with Kaka advanced cards. Each of the reward winners received a Mickey nonfungible token card with Kaka’s exclusive signature at the ceremony.

What do female practitioners mean for the future of blockchain?

The blockchain ecosystem is slowly expanding and attention needs to be paid to industry leaders, founders and practitioners to ensure the long-term sustainable development of the blockchain industry. Most importantly, the role of women in industry projects shows the inestimable value that women bring to the blockchain industry.

As a disruptive technology, blockchain will have a far-reaching impact on many industries in the next few years. Women will therefore certainly play a very important and even greater role in the blockchain revolution.

Why Kaka?

Through this activity, Kaka showed its concern and social responsibility for the potential of working women as a global NFT platform. Kaka believes that women will bring more possibilities to the field of NFTs in the future.

However, this is not the first time that Kaka has driven the NFT field forward in the way of a breakthrough.

Kaka NFT World is a global brand intellectual property aggregation platform. It actively cooperates with top international IPs to jointly explore the value of NFT. Kaka has not only collaborated with Dodo to release Marvel collection cards but also joined efforts with TheForce.Trade to offer limited collection versions of the big billed monkey. It has also partnered with Treasureland to sell Disney’s Mickey NFTs. 

Although Kaka NFT cards are issued through the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols, most cards do not run on Ethereum but on the Binance Smart Chain.

Why did Kaka choose the BSC? Because the extremely high gas cost and network throughput on Ethereum seem to have never been solved while the BSC is more efficient in terms of scalability and transaction costs.

It is worth mentioning that Kaka NFT World is rated as the most valuable builder by Binance.

About Kaka NFT 

Kaka NFT World is a global brand IP aggregation platform positioning the metaverse, focusing on the construction of NFT and decentralized finance value ecology of popular animation and games, and the prediction agreement perpendicular to the esports market. Its main business is divided into the following two categories: popular animation and game NFT technology casting and trading, circulation, online competition and other services.

Kaka has obtained investments from more than 40 well-known investment institutions, miners and exchanges at home and abroad, including Waterdrop Capital, Consensus Lab, Infinitylabs, AU21 Capital, Redline Capital and 7 O’Clock Capital, with a post-investment valuation of more than $15 million.

For more details, please visit Kaka’s official website.