CoinTiger’s fourth Anniversary Fiesta is approaching fast. Join us and celebrate together. We have upgraded the mystery box and the rewards are bigger than ever. The prize pool is as high as $60,000, and the reward for a single mystery box is up to $4,000. As thanks for your continued support of CoinTiger, we have prepared 10,000 mystery box coupons for free. Complete the tasks to get mystery box coupons.

4th Anniversary Fiesta

Free mystery box draw and win from our $60,000 prize pool

On the occasion of CoinTiger's fourth birthday, CoinTiger’s “Worldwide Tour” mystery boxes are specially launched with a total prize pool of up to $60,000, a single mystery box reward of up to $4,000 only limited of 40,000 boxes.

The mystery box will be officially launched at 10:00 am UTC on Nov. 2. Users can obtain mystery box coupons (limited to 10,000 free) by completing tasks or using the native token TCH to purchase a mystery box to participate in the lucky draw (150 TCH/Box).

CoinTiger mystery Box is a nonfungible token (NFT) product launched by CoinTiger. Users who have bought the mystery box will get a random NFT after the mystery box is opened. If they get a hidden NFT, they can redeem it for corresponding rewards. The theme of this mystery box is CoinTiger’s “Worldwide Tour.” Little Tiger will go around the world taking NFT photos of themselves in various countries in the mystery box. We look forward to sharing the story of Little Tiger together.

Risk-free financial product Alpha mining pool

Alpha mining pool is a risk-free financial management product launched by CoinTiger. After users staking TCH in the mining pool, the platform will release it and return it monthly, providing users with a repurchase mechanism. Users can choose to trade the released shares on the market, or the platform can buy back the TCH released by users at their purchase price. Participants in this mining pool also have the opportunity to get mystery box coupons to participate in the mystery box lottery.

About CoinTiger

The CoinTiger platform is a globally innovative crypto asset exchange that provides multilingual cryptocurrency trading services for global blockchain enthusiasts.

Since it went live on November 15, 2017, it has been growing steadily. Today, CoinTiger has a mature ecosystem, including Web, iOS and Android client applications, as well as products including legal currency transactions, currency transactions, contract transactions, currency tiger mining pools and currency tiger mystery boxes.

At present, CoinTiger has over five million users and a Telegram community in 20+ languages with the total number of participants on the community platforms exceeding 300K. There are nearly 100 customer support personnel from various countries providing you with 24/7 multilingual support.

Over the past four years, CoinTiger has always adhered to a customer-oriented service attitude. While striving to improve its services, it has carried out nearly 10,000 trading competitions and community activities with generous rewards. The total rewards of the activities are nearly $12,000,000. At the same time, we have also brought exclusive event benefits to our community users in Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran and other countries, and the participation rates have been fantastic.

This fourth Anniversary Fiesta aims to promote CoinTiger’s NFT mystery box, while experiencing fun games, and it will bring more users the opportunity to understand and participate in NFT market transactions.

In the future, CoinTiger will continue to improve service quality and optimize product experience, while also cooperating with more project parties, communities, media and other institutions to bring you more interesting NFT products and bigger, fun and rewarding events.