According to CoinTiger, since CoinTiger has opened BSC Month campaigns in March, more than 20 of BSC projects have successfully cooperated with them. Great outcomes have shown from their trading competitions, community activities and AMA campaigns. 

The BSC Month AMA campaigns carried out by CoinTiger has had in-depth exchanges with over 20 different projects including BAKE, CHIK, TIGER, OX, DFY, MANY, ETNA, SFP, XVS, CAKE, TWT, TIGER, BSPAY, RAMEN, DUCK, MLA and many other remarkable BSC projects. Many projects have clarified the reason why they chose BSC instead of Ethereum is: BSC makes smart contracts more friendly and efficient to developers, and it is fully compatible with the Ethereum ecosystem. Moreover, it reduces the cost of migration for mature Dapps on Ethereum. In addition, trading on BSC is more cost-effective and always has sufficient liquidity.

Along with CoinTiger’s trading competition, BSC tokens’ daily trading volume has reached a peak. According to CoinTiger, the average is about 4,000 users who trade BSC tokens which brought over 9,500,000 USDT trading volume in 24 hours.

Invest for the future

CoinTiger is a leading cryptocurrency exchange launched in November 2017. CoinTiger has trading services comprising of Cryptocurrency, Fiat, Futures, Leveraged Tokens, Tiger Bank, and so on. In addition, CoinTiger has an ecosystem of CoinTiger Eco Fund, Labs, Security Alliances, Tiger Knights, and Global Liquidity Alliance which make CoinTiger one of the most popular exchanges today. CoinTiger has also established subsidiaries in HongKong, Korea, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Brazil, Italy and more, with users reaching 4 million, trading and investment services in 158 countries with over 100 quality assets. CoinTiger is also the first cryptocurrency exchange to introduce a 100% equity mechanism with its native TigerCash (TCH) token. CoinTiger actively represents the users as a first goal, with the world's top ecosystem, bank-level security measures, smooth and delicate product experience, convenient and fast transaction services, and a 24/7 customer service team to deliver secure, stable, and reliable services. 'Invest for the Future' - CoinTiger dedicates to build a promising future for cryptocurrency together with all users.

CoinTiger has gone through the peak of the cryptocurrency’s bull market at the end of 2017, has gone through a long period of bear market throughout 2018-2020, has gone through the DeFi boom, and finally came to the $20,000 breakthrough of Bitcoin in the end of 2020 which has been rising straight up and breaking another bull market to a record high. Coin Tiger told Cointelegraph:

"Along the way, we firmly believe in the bright prospects of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and take every step steadily to provide users with more and more options of high-quality digital assets, and pass the bull market and bear market with users together."

New assets selection

For the recent mainstream topic of cryptocurrency, CoinTiger has timely selected new assets for users, and successively launched zones of privacy, innovation, Polkadot, BSC, NFT, etc, which gives users a better understanding of projects’ functions and details.

Recently, while other projects are being promoted and listed, CoinTiger has now fully supported the BSC ecology, and more projects are also welcome to cooperate with CoinTiger to provide everyone with a good selection of assets. CoinTiger will list more BSC tokens in the following months, and will carry out trading competitions, community activities, airdrop campaigns for different currencies. Please stay tuned! 

CoinTiger hopes to be a visionary investor and provide our users a secure place to invest for the future.

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