November 2021 – Colony opens its long-awaited operating system for DAOs to the public this month.

Throughout 2021, Colony has onboarded hundreds of DAOs to its private beta and is now concluding the final stages of testing. Colony officially opens to the public this week.

"We have been working to create the most powerful, practical and easy-to-use operating system for DAOs. Our aim is a comprehensive framework that's simple enough for beginners but powerful enough for the most sophisticated forms of DAO that we expect to see emerging over the coming years. Our private beta has been a great success, and given confidence that we are building the right product at the right time," said Jack du Rose, founder of Colony.

Colony packs over 20 software features including token creation, a sophisticated reputation system, its pioneering "lazy consensus" governance system and Coin Machine, the fastest, easiest, simplest way for a DAO to sell tokens. Colony's reputation system now also works with Snapshot and a powerful bilateral Gnosis Safe integration allowing both a Safe to control a colony, and a colony to control a Safe is currently in development.

“The blockchain space has grown rapidly over the last year. As a consequence of their success, many crypto projects, especially DeFi players, are realizing the limitations of their existing DAO infrastructure, and require more powerful and effective governance tooling. We aim to provide that solution," says Jack du Rose.

Colony goes live November 22nd 2021.

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