A 62-piece digital art collection named “American Heroes” is to be sold on the OpenSea marketplace. The nonfungible token (NFT) series is a counteract to modern-day pop culture and its idolization of fictional superheroes. The collection offers 3D character models of actual real-life heroes who played a significant historic role in both the American and global fight for human rights and equality. 

The series delves into the lives of historical figures who have dedicated their entire existence to abolish slavery, win the right to an equal vote, grant free access to education, eliminate discrimination, and end injustice. It includes such notable heroes as Martin Luther King, Eleanor Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Tonsler, Ralph Bunche, Helen Keller, Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Nikola Tesla, Abraham Lincoln and many others.

The digital art piece collection aspires to celebrate and honor those who risked their lives and freedom to create a society that respects human dignity and values life in an era of glorifying make-believe characters with superpowers. “The concept of this NFT series is to shine a light on actual heroes of the real world who have dedicated their entire lives to battling evil and inequality long before the emergence of fictional superheroes,” said the creators of the NFT collection. “Modern pop culture has elevated and hero-worshiped protagonists with superpowers, and they have become somewhat of a cult. Films about superheroes are a success at the box office, attracting millions of people around the world, whilst historical icons are scarcely acknowledged.”

“American Heroes” is developed by the creative team behind the world’s first entertainment YouTube show about cryptocurrencies Gagarin Show, which is aimed to educate the public about blockchain technology and the industry of cryptocurrencies. Garnering more than 12 million views and releasing 68 episodes in a little over a year, the channel popularizes the new digital technology that will soon drastically shift the world. 

Website: https://america-heroes.com/

OpenSea Marketplace: https://opensea.io/collection/america-heroes

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