In 2022 the race to make it big in the metaverse is ramping up between the big legacy brands. From clothing to entertainment - the PR departments of big corporations are FOMOing. The problem with entering the Web3 world is avoiding the brand damage that looms over anyone who is not careful in navigating the public opinion about blockchain. How do you get the message to the crypto-native crowd and not alienate the rest of the clients? 

The question being that important and the price of error so high, it’s no wonder that guiding the brands through this brave new world is good business. Whoever gets the juiciest brands and does the best for them is sure to be a big name in the crypto space.

Enter Gembox - a new and exciting NFT platform that will onboard and guide major brands recognizable to anyone in the world. Built by a team of experts in NFTs, marketing and PR they have the blueprints to successful Web3 projects for the brands.

But Gembox also understands the power and the importance of a loyal community. So it will hold a sale of its own NFTs to reward the early adopters of the platform. Of special interest are the 50 Premium membership tokens. The holders will of course get the expected whitelist and raffle spots, but also very high-profile attention from the team. For example a VIP ticket and accommodation to a 4-day R&B and Hip-Hop festival on the beautiful Mediterranean Island of Pag, or exclusive PFPs made in cooperation with the world's most famous virtual supermodel - noonoouri.

The 5000 basic NFTs are much cheaper, but also very interesting, as they can be upgraded over time to include any of the premium benefits. So you can make the small first step and ramp up your involvement as you see how the community grows and the major brands start making the drops on the platform.

The platform itself will work as the exclusive destination for new collection launches, but the NFTs can of course be traded on the open market freely, this is Web3 after all, and platform lock-in is so 2010s.
The drops will come regularly, and the Gembox pipeline is already bursting from the size of the brands that are waiting in line. So, join the community. Check out the upcoming NFT sale in June, and enjoy the brand reveals as the NDAs get lifted.

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