St. Vincent, Jan. 6, 2021 - Compendium.Fi, an encompassing trading tool aggregation suite, has announced $2.5 million raised in a strategic round of fundraising.

This strategic funding round will support the continued development and expansion of Compendium.Fi’s comprehensive trading tool platform and helps to scale-out infrastructure. It also enables Compendium.Fi ( ) to build further momentum as they approach the IDO of their CMFI ( ) token on Solanium later this month.

A long list of strategic partners, and some large industry players, have supported the round. These include Petrock Capital,  Axia8 Ventures, Krypital Group, Globatech Group, Solar Eco Fund, Red Building Capital, TokenInsight Research, Zoomer Fund, Graviton Fund, Solanium, Satori Research, StrangeQuark Ventures, Renaissance Research Ventures and a collection of influential angels.

Compendium.Fi’s head of ecosystem development, Jacob Ballou, pointed out that Solana is a flourishing ecosystem with a highly liquid trading environment and concentration of users. “We’re excited to further expand our current offering of trading tools, which are available for users of major exchanges like FTX to on-chain and non-custodial environments, starting with Solana. The support we have received from our strategic partners and the greater community will be key in capturing market share during expansion,” he added.

The platform now looks forward to their public-facing IDO and refining current offerings to ensure a better user experience for both retail and enterprise-level users. Compendium.Fi has provided tools for centralized exchanges like automated strategies, signal provider groups and copy trading for the last year. 

Phase 1 ( ) of their Solana offering launched last month and includes a growing list of aggregated tools such as spot markets, simple swaps, token statistics, a built-in network explorer, NFT launchpad and more. “Simple” integrations in Phase 1 are then followed by more advanced features in the next two phases. The team is currently working on the incorporation of products like asset staking, automated trading pools, futures markets, borrowing and lending, and an extensive portfolio manager. These core products also run in parallel to more enterprise-facing introductions featuring a robust data aggregation tool for Solana-based Serum markets.

“Creating a thorough trading tool suite is our ultimate objective,” said Jacob. “It’s no easy task, but the framework is already there and our team is ready for all challenges. The endgame is the ability for users to have access to everything they need to manage their portfolios and investments without ever leaving a Compendium.Fi interface.”      

About Compendium.Fi 

Compendium.Fi’s mission is to create a “compendium” of trading tools for multiple ecosystems within one user-friendly application. Combining integrations for CEX & DEX platforms enables a wide variety of users to benefit from tools and features not currently widely available to the public. Their initial CEX integrations are now expanding to other exchanges and the larger focus of DeFi integration is scheduled in several phases throughout the next few months.