Highstreet to integrate Conductive.ai’s zero-click onboarding and Web3 analytics dashboard to streamline the journey of the next billion users

  • Conductive.ai’s integrations provide deeper insight into user activity in Highstreet’s platform.
  • Both Highstreet and Conductive.ai have Animoca Brands as lead investor.

HONG KONG, AUGUST 16, 2023 — Conductive.ai and Highstreet have announced a strategic partnership for technical development to improve the user experience and increase analytical insight of user activity.

Conductive.ai is an onboarding platform that provides Web3 infrastructure for games, while Highstreet is a commerce-centered metaverse that seamlessly blends MMO gaming, phygital retail and brand discovery. This partnership is designed to improve Highstreet's appeal to mainstream, non-crypto-native users by streamlining an onboarding process that requires no Web3 experience to jump into the metaverse while still having full Web3 functionality.

Highstreet will integrate two of Conductive.ai’s offerings — a zero-click onboarding tool and a Web3 analytics suite. Zero-click onboarding simplifies the complex entry process into the metaverse, making it effortlessly accessible to any user regardless of the person’s familiarity with Web3. In addition, the analytics provided by Conductive.ai offers Highstreet an unprecedented ability to improve the Web3 user experience through data-driven decisions.

Highstreet has been in the spotlight due to its recent announcements of partnerships and events. This includes a prominent presence at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, hosting the Animoca RV Rally and holding two Initial Home Offerings (IHO) in the Highstreet World Metaverse. Among these partnerships, the unveiling of PHANTACi Peninsula stands out — a virtual experience in collaboration with PHANTACi founded by Jay Chou and Ric Chiang to explore fashion, magic and culture, offering both exclusive physical and virtual apparel and digital collectibles. The partnership with Conductive.ai will further strengthen Highstreet’s position and is predicted to open new avenues for growth and engagement.

Steve Ip, Conductive.ai CEO and co-founder, said:

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Highstreet and bring our Web3 infrastructure to the Highstreet metaverse, empowering Highstreet to simplify onboarding on to Web3 and attract more users. We aim to help Highstreet to become the first entry point for users to enter into the metaverse and enjoy a hub of virtual experiences.”

Following a successful pilot program that involved major game titles, Conductive.ai plans to establish more partnerships with game developers seeking to enhance their engagement strategies. This partnership with Highstreet serves as a step forward in this mission.

Animoca Brands, a world leader in blockchain-based gaming, is a key investor in both Conductive.ai and Highstreet. Yat Siu, chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands, said:

“This partnership will help to strengthen the Web3 ecosystem, promoting growth and user engagement in the open metaverse. With the power of Web3 at their disposal, Conductive.ai, Highstreet and other projects in their networks are nurturing a space where innovation and commerce can thrive.”

As Conductive.ai reshapes the gaming industry with its advanced engagement platform, the company remains open to exploring additional partnerships. Developers and platforms looking to elevate their user engagement with Conductive.ai’s unique solutions are invited to get in touch at hello@conductive.ai.

About Highstreet

Highstreet is a commerce-centered metaverse integrating shopping with gaming. While products from brands bring an endless supply of cosmetics, bridging character customizations with real world fashion, an MMORPG backbone further adds utility to them, allowing players to craft unique NFTs to elevate their gameplay. As Highstreet’s phygital products continue to gain traction both online through e-commerce storefronts like Shopify and offline through various department stores around the world, Highstreet World continues to grow through land sales to brand partners, accumulating new stories to be discovered and shared by players around the world.

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About Conductive.ai

Conductive.ai is the developer of an engagement platform designed to boost player lifetime value for games. This infrastructure layer enables game developers to increase player engagement and retention, as well as produce new monetization opportunities. Conductive.ai aims to complete the mission of onboarding the next billion users into Web3.

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