After pioneering move-to-earn (M2E) for corporate wellness, Puml Better Health has teamed up with leading Australian athletes to capture the consumer market and expand into the growing M2E space.

Launching its corporate-wellness M2E platform in 2021, Puml entered the market with its sights set on improving health and wealth. Wanting to tackle the sedentary workforce, Puml developed its own unique corporate wellness-challenge platform to motivate, engage and reward employees using a mixture of GameFi, social finance and move finance (MoveFi). In the first year, it signed major global corporates and enterprise clients looking to engage their staff with Web3 principles. 

Businesses set up fitness and wellness challenges from a selection of steps, sleep, meditation, hydration and other virtual topics based on wearable data from Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung. 

GameFi challenges employees to participate and get moving, while the Puml Better Health (PUML) coin is a great incentive to reward employees. Coins are awarded for healthy habits or claimed on completed challenges that can then be exchanged on the app or a native wallet.

The corporate sector was a wise place for Puml to start, with workforces suffering from poor physical and mental health — and also the rise of the Great Resignation. The platform was a welcome change to the traditional Web2 corporate-wellness systems.

In 2022, Puml secured the Queensland Government’s support to take its platform and M2E API to consumers, with Australia’s leading athletes at the helm.

PUMLx and athlete NFTs

PUMLx is a brand-new ERC20-protocol coin used for a consumer-focused M2E solution that encourages users to participate in various fitness and wellness challenges. Engaged users collect PUMLx and Athlete nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and can make daily claims if they have staked an approved NFT.

On the surface, PUMLx looks much like Weir, the company’s corporate arm. However, the big difference is the star power behind the consumer movement — something founder Damien King terms as MoveFi. This allows athletes, corporates and brands to participate in stake-to-earn in addition to its M2E and move-to-own features. This new MoveFi strategy will help reward both consumers and athletes.

With a platform designed to be customized for unique challenges, athletes have taken the lead to drive Puml’s consumer offering. Tapping into their fanbase, athletes have a platform to be wellness and fitness influencers in a way they can design. It improves the health of their fans and encourages more participation in sports and activity, helping gamers and communities develop healthy habits at a young age and providing unique utility between fans and athletes. 

Athletes announced include Australian Netball player Kiera Austin and footballer Taylor Smith, with many more in the following 12 months.

Building beyond the challenges, Puml’s consumer push comes with the introduction of an athlete NFT marketplace. This provides a level of curation and trust that OpenSea and other open markets are unable to achieve. These trusted athlete-, sports- and metaverse-wrappable NFTs are collectible and tradable as traditional NFTs and come with exclusive access for NFT holders to athlete meet-ups, social groups, merchandise, activities and giveaways. 

Most importantly, the athlete NFTs are key to the MoveFi protocol for holders’ staking and rewards.

Puml is supporting athletes and users to take control of their health. Athletes can influence in a way that matters most to them, and fans can interact with their favorite athletes and a community of like-minded people while earning and owning with MoveFi.

Download the Puml and kick off this month with Kiera Austin’s Step Challenge: