Blockchain Cuties Universe and Decentraland teamed up to bring crypto-collectibles to the virtual world

Have you ever dreamt of sending your Cutie on vacation to a tropical beach or to a meditation session nestled in woodland valleys? Blockchain Cuites Universe has partnered with Decentraland to give you a chance to build yourself the perfect environment for your adventurous digital pets. Decentraland is a blockchain-based virtual reality world on the Ethereum network. There are hundreds of 3D items to choose from to help you build the ideal virtual location for your Cutie.

Just like in the Blockchain Cuties Universe game, Decentraland provides every user with full autonomy over lands (LAND) they own. LANDs are constructed according to user creativity and imagination. Decentraland takes pride in it's thriving community and frequently offers financial rewards for the most compelling scene creations.

Decentraland has just introduced the NFT Picture Frame feature which means that crypto assets like Cuties and virtual scenes are brought together to give you the freedom to unleash your creativity and show off your crypto collectibles. In order to celebrate this beautiful synergy, Blockchain Cuties Universe has created special items to serve our digital architects engaged in building their own virtual worlds.

In the Blockchain Cuties Universe items market, you can find a construction helmet with a major creativity bonus, a builder's uniform and weapons that are perfect for planning great construction drawings as well as chasing away unwelcome visitors.

So grab your Cuties and live your virtual dream life in mesmerizing places of your own design in Decentraland! To display your NFTs in Decentraland, navigate to Decentraland Builder’s website, scroll down to the Item Drawer until you see Collectibles and connect the Builder to your wallet. You’ll find all of your Blockchain Cuties NFTs in this drawer, ready to use with Picture Frames.